sigh… for the past week or so, i’ve been getting an insane amount of sleep. NOT GOOD. why? because i was supposed to be STUDYING, not sleeping the days away… i would make a pact with myself…sleep early, and then wake up early to study hardcore.  and what happened instead? i would sleep early (one night i slept at 11, another night i slept at 1ish) and just..not wake up -_-
and then i’d proceed to do horribly on my exams. even if i woke up to study, i’d look over a few pages of either my notes or the textbook half-heartedly before lying my head down for a quick rest…which turned out to be most of my study time…
nobody needs THAT much sleep… i don’t get what’s wrong with me =(

now that i’m finally done with my last test of the semester, i have FINALS to look forward to! yipee. i’m hoping i only need to take 3 finals and not 4 (physics is mandatory – 40% of our final grade…ugh, genetics and microbio i’m taking because i screwed up on tests, i’m hoping to be exempt from kiddie lit =)

alright. one last physics class at 3:30pm and i’m done with classes for the calendar year =)
genetics is canceled for tomorrow… good thing cuz that test was quite difficult. sigh. i don’t like genetics. well, i actually like it better than microbiology, so i guess it’s not that horrible… comparatively.

time for a couple days of rest before finals study frenzy comes about.