just spent like… the past hour or so playing typer shark on popcapgames.com or whatever that site is…

at first, i played the “beginner” level, but then i kinda got bored (well the game itself isn’t that fun unless its medium hard/ borderline challenging haha… cuz if its too easy there’s no fun at all, but if its too hard then there’s no point in even trying…

so i started a new game on the “hard” level; i played until level 19 (by then i was stuck in the bermuda triangle for several rounds) and used up like 5 lives =(
i think starting from level 17 i started dying, and every time i died i kept at it, so it wasn’t just one death per level, and then i got sad cuz i was really close to the end… sigh..
oh well i’m kinda glad i died as it is now past 4AM and i’m waking up at about 8:30AM tomorrow morning cuz i have stuff to do at 9… and then i needa get started with all the studying…

silly next week (week before finals)
well let’s start with tonight
fri 11/30: microbio lab test
mon 12/3: physics lab test
tues 12/4: physics test
wed 12/5: microbio test, kiddie lit test, (genetics test originally scheduled here, but it conflicted with my kiddie lit test [and class, for that matter], so…)
thurs 12/6: genetics test

sigh. if the finals weren’t cumulative, i would prefer my finals schedule (2 wed, 2 sat) to what i have next week…