haha so much for being productive the whole day today… its almost 1pm and i haven’t really done anything yet… on the bright side, i feel like i haven’t wasted my time today either =)

so i woke up earlyish for breakfast (chocolate chip pancakes) at 9 at riverside… pretty nice places, but distance (and surrounding) is…eh haha
and then got back to campus at about 11, took a walk around campus with my camera and ipod, got back at 12:20ish i guess? my first time just wandering somewhat aimlessly around campus, though i’ve always said i wanted to walk around, so i’m glad i got a chance to do that today… the weather was really great too – it looks like it’s gonna rain any minute now, but the cool breeze and stuff made it nice
and i was able to help this person find BUR since she was late for judging a debate/speech thing.. yay for being helpful

i’m updating endlessly now, it feels like. but it’s good cuz it means i’ve got more memories to look back on and all
now to work on those deep, pensive, well-written posts…