hahha so i’m guessing tonight (or… thursday night, since it’s kinda early early morning now) was the day of routs:

GSW 113 to HOU 94 (not that bad, really, cuz then you see…)
LAL 127 to DEN 99 (and tho ppl think this is pretty bad, the first game of the night was…)
BOS 104 to NYK 59

yeah. that wasn’t a typo. knicks only had 59 points tonight, and boston didn’t even try running up the score; their big 3 were all sitting by the last quarter… i had to refresh the page several times and look a couple more to make sure yahoo wasn’t messing up again, but wowwww whatta game (i feel bad for the knicks though..well not really since their team is kinda screwy, but their score makes me pity them somewhat haha)

alsoooo for unknown reasons, i kept thinking the day was TUESDAY and not thursday, so when people brought up friday happenings, i got confused and asked them what they were talking about (cuz they said “tomorrow” referring to friday and i thought they were talking nonsense about wednesday >.<)
i wonder why my timing this week is so off..one hypothesis i have is that this week was SOOO long that in my mind it stretched out into 1.5 weeks, making thursday tuesday =)
because my other hypothesis was that the week went by really quickly, except it didn’t cuz my days were kinda long (first sunday panicking about all the stuff due monday, then long nights working on ba324, which we finally turned in today)

i get easily obsessed with songs, playing them on repeat for MANY MANY times. it’s not all that good, though, because then i get tired of them rather quickly as well.  i need to find a balance… but while this current obsession lasts, “broken” sounds realllly good in different versions – original, acoustic, instrumental, and someone’s piano rendition on youtube