continuing the whole “this year is kinda strange” trend…

i find myself listening to and looking for old familiar tunes that i either grew up hearing, or that i might have heard randomly on the radio when i was younger, or just “comforting” songs of old, if that makes any sense at all.  sometimes i wonder if i had ever heard of a particular song, since it came out at a time when i’m pretty sure i didn’t listen to english radio or music at all, for that matter.  but it doesn’t matter to me, as i somehow “remember” the tunes and melodies anyway =)

dang it i forgot what i was going to type after all that old music business…
well it happened because “waiting for a star to fall” on my iTunes, a song that came out in 1988 (i wasn’t even born yet…) *shrug*

i still listen to my rockish music though, so no worries there haha

anyways, on to a new topic.  i find myself wasting a LOT of time, and for some reason, though i don’t feel busy, i always have a lot of things scheduled, things planned, things to do… but half the time it doesn’t involve homework or tests and stuff (and i hardly find *coughmakecough* time to study)… other times i have a LOT to do, but i don’t find any motivation whatsoever to do the work and so stay awake, doing nonsensical things (youtubing, watching tv shows, spider solitaire-ing -i’ve done a lot less of that lately though-) just to pass the time until i finally feel panicked about having stuff due soon.  or i make myself stay awake hoping that i’d eventually feel some motivation to start my work (hardly happens though; the best i can do is a half-hearted attempt).  and then mostly i get tired of staying awake and go to sleep and not feel like i have to wake up to rush to do my homework (i liked it back then when i would panic and do stuff early in the morning…that adrenaline is never there anymore =)

OH YEAH i remember now. my ba324 group haha. mannn we’ve been working together for the past..month or more i guess, and in the beginning we were all formal and just… focus on the work.. type of people toward each other.  now, however, as i look back, we had pretty fun times, especially towards the end, when we spent a couple days working together – and not just petty 2 hour meetings; we met for 6+ hours on monday night (which i complained about) and other members of the group stayed together for 12 hours (i was only there for the last 3+ hours) working on our final draft, even though they were all starving and tired and really quite out of it.  i guess i just learned to appreciate everyone and all the work they put in the project, and a lot of our conversations were quite interesting. and its a lot of i learned about their lives cuz we all shared random stories, even though this was just a “work” group of people thrown together at random.  so i guess it was all pretty fun (though the process was ugly at times).
[oh to add some memories… haha at the end of all the printing and binding at kinko’s, finishing our final report was like “we just had a baby.”
and then… we got pulled over for running a stop sign, while i was sitting in a nonexistent middle backseat (it was like a little table type space but it was more fun than anything haha)]

or maybe its just the end of the year, and i’m starting my routine nostalgia haha…

bio126l (micro lab) just finished today (except for the test on friday night), but i think i’ll miss some of the people in that class who made it more fun than it is – the class itself is akin to torture; i wouldn’t recommend it to anyone

but i guess… i tend to complain a lot without truly meaning it? or maybe when i overreact or get paranoid, i tend to overcompensate (to halt things before they happen, kinda like minority report; be on the defensive) for it and blurt out things that, though i may not exactly need or think i need to take it back, i just don’t mean… i dunno its a complicated process…

i think this xanga entry needs major editing -_-
but its 2:30am, and i needa catch up on basketball news…

spurs 13-3 (parker almost got a triple double!)
GREAT numbers =)

unfortunately, the half of the UT men’s basketball game was a bit disappointing, as Wangmene (SPURS fan! – RC Buford’s his legal guardian… OH btw so it turns out my group has huge spurs /bball fans and someone from the valley…and i found another “mutual” acquaintance type of person from brownsville haha.. WOW) didn’t really get a chance to play =(
it’s ok. we still won ^^

oops, now this entry’s super long….

ooh yeah real quick – i needa learn self-control in like.. all aspects of my life haha

another good song: saviour king (hillsong united); broken (seether ft amy lee)