fa;kjsdf;ajksdf;ljkasdf wtheck -_-
so i was reading over this entry and decided to change a word. then i saved it, and found that the stupid time stamp changed on me too! and there’s no way to change it back (or at least no way that i know of anyways). SIGH. i was gonna use this as a memory to look back at… the day i got the letter…
but whatever. i got this 11/24 sometime in the afternoon.. 1:30ish?? sigh.

i’m sitting happily at my computer, when all of a sudden my mom walks up, wordlessly, and hands me a long, rectangular envelope. she stares at me for a second as i reach up to take it from her hand. and then she walks away, leaving me to scour the front for a clue as to from whom it may be. a late thanksgiving card, perhaps? or a really early christmas one? but no such luck, as i see my name and address in the recipient’s space and the official logo of none other than good ol’ Harcourt Assessment. what tidings could such a corporation bring at this time of the year? nothing warm and fuzzy and uplifting, i’ll tell you that much. so in the interest of my mood and attitude towards life and fellow humans for the rest of this very relaxing and lazy thanksgiving mini-break, i will now… take a shower, do homework, read more, watch some tv… anything to refrain from ripping open (and maybe later ripping to pieces) this innocent-looking long, white, rectangular envelope of death.


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