I don’t know what is wrong with me this year.

i’m averaging about 1.2 skipped classes a week, at least.
This week will probably bump that number up to oh about… 1.5/wk, since, by the end of wednesday, I will have skipped one class a day (micro yesterday, physics today, and kiddie lit tomorrow). and my days aren’t even hectic anymore -_-
i guess i will have to study harder to make up for it….

looking forward to winter break! (well i’m looking forward more to summer, but that’s pretty far away…)

oh yeah. basketball news… i think all the good teams lost yesterday (except orlando – but they were losing earlier in the game – and i guess houston? but their record isn’t as great as their team is supposed to be this year *shrug*), including the spurs, who now have a record of 12-3 (they lost to SACRAMENTO…what in the world…)
anyways, nyk beat utah; minnesota beat NO (for their second win); washington crushed dallas (even without gilbert); golden state overcame phoenix (HIGH SCORING GAME); and of course, sacto bested SA. oh well. the season continues 🙂

here’s to my fantastic fourth team!