no turning back.

i like being cryptic ^^
but hopefully it all works out, or else i have no clue what else to do…and then it’d kinda suck. but that’s ok, everything’s possible, we just need enough faith. so that’s what i’m thinking right now =)

also, i keep skipping thanksgiving and going straight to winter break.. maybe it has something to do with my not wanting to take all my optional finals? i think it stinks even more because then you know you could have not taken it, but because you messed up on an earlier test you have to suffer the consequences of taking the exam =( but oh well. c’est la vie (i really like that phrase)
oh even worse, i kinda tend to skip over 2nd semester and going straight to summer vacation… sigh. now THAT’ll be a long time coming haha… hopefully THAT turns out as planned… i really wanna go back and say bye to my 6th graders… its funny how a couple weeks can turn into a long-term investment. or actually its funny how life works out, rather… never know what’s coming up next, right around the corner (yay i kinda referenced a movie ^^ can anyone guess it?)…all that stuff

for further randomness… after a couple years of somewhat consistency/ constant-ness, i’ve made about four new playlists the past week or so… kinda strange, but oh well whatever works. and believe me, my music works wonders =) it’s almost comparable to magic… *snap* and it’s done its job.

oh yes. the sermon today.. i started off kinda skeptically because the speaker was the one from last week (and i kinda questioned/ wasn’t sure about some things), but it gave me quite a lot to think about, so i’m grateful for that.

back home in 2 days! =)
looking forward to the laziness of home, but i think i have to study and do homework… it’s ok i probably won’t end up doing it anyways. besides the whole packing issue, i am thankful for THANKSGIVING and the much-needed break from school that it gives me. i’ve looked forward to it ever since the beginning of october, and thus i am glad it’s finally here

PS. as for comments… if you REALLY feel the need to talk to me about my posts, then you can just tell me via another communication resource (really, its not that hard). and if it’s not that pressing, then just deal with it..i think it’s time i started writing for myself and not for others  🙂