here goes another random post…

i am kinda screwed…why? because i only have 4MB of internet left, and my bandwidth will not reset until Wednesday 11.14.07 at 12:00AM (or 0:00 army time i guess)… i wonder what will happen when it goes down to 0MB… i think this is the first time it’s ever happened to me =(
this is what i get for watching the entire 3rd season of prison break and starting on house yesterday while trying to be productive, getting my physics hw (kinda) done… SIGH.
as for physics hw, i don’t think i should try to do it early… both times i’ve done it, my grades turn out horrible because i keep using up all the tries… at first i thought it was a fluke.. because why would my grade be bad if i tried to be a good person and do it ahead of time? but nope, working in physics ahead of time leads to bad grades, unfortunately.
oh in other school news, i think i finally identified my unknowns correctly! now if they turn out wrong, i will be sad for i re-did all the important tests that would select for one in favor of the others…

also, i don’t think i get as affected by stills.. as in… image-wise. like… sometimes i feel bad, or it’s a bit of “eww” but ugly/horrifying/grotesque images have less of an effect on me than a short clip of say.. someone in pain, weeping sorrowfully. i don’t think that’s normal though…
so maybe i don’t mind horror (as in ugly-looking creatures) movies, but i really dislike the suspenseful ones, although i’ve always maintained that i hated scary movies and thus refuse to watch them.
then again, i don’t think they would be scary without a bit of suspense, so they’re probably tied in together somehow. or maybe the suspense sucks because it contains an element of unpredictability, and, for a person who tries to avoid change as much as me, a person who would never be bored with consistency and routine, unpredictability is very… unappreciated.

the people in our halls are always so loud… its kinda different, since our hall last year was pretty quiet (well our RA kinda saw to that…the RA this year is completely on the other end of the spectrum, not caring about anything in the world… i don’t even know who she is…)
– that wasn’t a completely random sidenote, since people were outside screaming or whatnot as i was typing –

my moods are like a rollercoaster. its strange.

finally, spurs are doing pretty well so far… 5-1 i believe
celtics, though, are taking over…undefeated at the moment…
fantasy-wise, my teams kinda stink =(

here’s a good conclusion (as it ties in with the beginning)
HOW will i live with NO (or slow) INTERNET???
computer labs, here i come!

uh… i hate the internet. i am now at -100+ MB, and everything takes FOREVER. loading this xanga page took about half an hour or so. i was very amazed when it actually showed up. is even worse. it tells me to input a zip code, and when i return to the page to check the weather, it has refreshed itself to the same page. and i even tried three times to make sure i didn’t click something wrong…

anyways, we had another surprise fire alarm tonight at about 1:30am… i’m VERY glad i decided to dawdle about and not shower when i said i was going to, or it would have caught me in the showers two years in a row… that would’ve been quite erm… a story to tell i guess….
they told us it was most definitely NOT a drill (then again, they told us the exact same thing last year, and we have yet to see flames – on a sidenote…some people claimed to see orange when we were outside, creating a mass rush of bodies to that area, where they found out it was actually a UT flag…)
thegood: it was at 1:30AM and not 3AM
thebad: we stayed outside for over half an hour…
oh yes, the alarm across our room didn’t work (same with a couple others on our floor and on the 5th..dunno about the others), and our RAs didn’t bother informing us that it was “not a drill” (as other RAs told their wings and floors)

it is now 3:13AM and i must do my two physics lab reports and shower =(