my thoughts are quite scrambled today…

1. i am a person of many contradictions (i think i’ve actually read that exact phrase somewhere, but i can’t remember where exactly…it still applies to me though).
2. i like writing, but i’ve been slacking recently
3. i like reading, but i haven’t done much of that either. i think that’s why i like kiddie lit now…it gives me an excuse to read award-winning stories by talented writers. reading a good story/book/novel can easily transport me/you/anyone to a whole new different world and just… leave this world behind for the moment.
4. i think too much, especially when it gets quiet. i guess it can be good and bad… jury’s still out on this one…
5. i have trouble prioritizing – nothing new
6. its annoying when the words escape me, or when i can’t find the exact words to explain it all, the right words that make everything sound so much better
7. its even more annoying when i don’t remember or simply can’t grasp the ideas i seemed to perfectly comprehend earlier in the day
8. i wish i understood myself better
9. sometimes i don’t feel like conversing with people about the superficials. and then i find myself getting annoyed. and then i feel bad for feeling this way. and then i just withdraw from it all for a little bit to compose myself again. and then the cycle repeats.
10. at times i have lonerish tendencies
11. and yet other times i feel like i need conversation – about anything and everything – and stuff like that
12. i like stopping at 13
13. so much stuff due, and yet so little time to do it all — MIA for this weekend at least. hopefully.

in other news, Bridge to Terabithia is a HORRIBLE book. it’s supposed to be a children’s book, but ugh. what a horrible ending. i can’t get over it…. it made it seem like the end of the world or something.  i guess that means the author is really good, but rawr. bad plot. blah. i’m… now.