life is funny.
or at least, God is humorous.

although the phases or  incidents that occur may not be what’s expected, though they’re not exactly what you wanted, though they result in disappointment or just… unhappiness (to an extent)… you never know what’ll come out of them. you never know what you’ll discover, what you’ll find. randomly. it’s fun, and these discoveries make life that much clearer, that much brighter (well not exactly but i can’t think of another word, and i thought for quite awhile..), and you see the reason why events unfolded the way they did.
in more common terms, there’s somewhat of a balance. the good that comes from the bad. the silver lining in life. so yes, you’ll get disappointed sometimes (for some, more often than others), but with time, you’ll see… hey, i got ____ out of that incident … i guess that wasn’t so bad after all (or maybe it’s just me…)

so God… thanks. you’re quite the funny, ironic guy.