also, i realized today that if i skip like half the stuff (review sessions, classes, etc) i plan on attending, my days are actually quite free and relaxing. that is, unless something like…oh i dunno…STUPID MICROBIO LAB gets in the way.

take today for example. because i have two exams tomorrow (out of two real classes and one TA session for microbio class), i decided yesterday that i would skip children’s literature tonight (6-9pm, and i sleep a lot in there anyways) just cuz it ends too late. oh yes. the rest of my schedule. class from 9-10, 12-1, review session (for BA324 test tomorrow) 1-2, STUPID MICROBIO LAB 2-5, children’s lit 6-9, review session (for PHY302K test tmrw) 7-9.
since i didn’t finish my lab report, i skipped the 1-2 review session. and i was already gonna skip children’s lit, so now my day is relaxing and empty and freeeeee!
and then i walk into bio lab, where i spend almost an hour overtime (aka until 6) doing the stupid lab. and gram staining and growing whatever junk microbiologists like to study. UGHHHHH
bonus? we get to go in again tomorrow to see what we grew today. sigh.

i wish i didn’t need that class…physics lab and chem lab are SOOO MUCH BETTER/easier/funner!

ok dinnertime.


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