a day of firsts (for this semester, at least)

so i had my first genetics hw (find original research article, what’s the question, why is it relevant) + physics lab report due today. went to sleep at like 2:30 cuz i couldn’t stand it anymore, set the alarm at 4, and woke up at 5 -_- worked on the lab report for a little bit before caving in and resting at 5:45, setting the alarm at 6. instead, i woke up late once more, this time between 6:30-6:45 >.<
so i finished the article review, asked kim to turn it in for me, and went to work on my physics lab, which turned out to be a lot easier than i thought (thanks God ^^). finished that at 9:45 and rushed off to lab at RLM 8.something. when i passed the clock at jwest lobby, it said 9:50. and i made it with time to spare, so i think i got from JES to RLM in less than 10 min! my legs got really tired tho =

oh yes. this means i skipped my first class of the semester. good ol genetics. and its been what… 2 weeks into the year? good job me. was REALLY tired the rest of the day, and tried to take my first nap between my micro class and genetics TA session, but i couldn’t fall asleep, so i rested instead.

but good news? TA let out slightly early, and i came back and at about 3:30 was able to take my first nap of the semester! =)
the height of my ginormous bed could not deter me – i was wayyyy to tired to care anymore.
slept for like 2+ hrs and woke up to find everyone gone… sigh.

physics hw stinks. i don’t try enough to understand and end up copying off the template online…so i don’t tihnk i’m gonna understand much on the test =
…2 tests on thurs. fun.

other news: no fantasy this year, as i have yet to read all the articles. also, PRISON BREAK has officially returned 🙂

o yeah. i got middlesex today…pretty good so far =)

also, i have a sore throat =(

how am i always a couple steps behind where i’m supposed to be???


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