i like listing stuff =)

1. seems like there’s been more than the usual amount of bad news around here… teachers + friends of friends getting into trouble…sigh.
2. i really like writing on post-its… sometimes it is the one thing that separates sleeping and staying awake in class
3. i’ve fallen asleep for a part of every class except ba324 (including TA sessions but not labs)
4. last year for free stuff galore (unless i live on campus next year)
5. dulles has a lot of fish this year…
6. fall tv starts next week!! =)
7. bandwidth seems to be more generous this year
8. reading 3 books at once…(cuz i get tired of it, or i don’t feel like reading something at a particular moment, etc – i also tend to skim ahead, find out what happens, and lose interest >.<)
9. lots of hw due on monday…two tests/exams thurs…two the following wed… wonder how that’ll work out…
10. my partners in ba324 (3 = triad) don’t talk to me…they discuss everything amongst each other instead. i find it annoying -_-
11. i like bang πŸ™‚
12. feel like i never have time to do stuff anymore (mainly cuz of badly scheduled classes – though i honestly didn’t think it was that bad when i registered – and bang most nights)
13. THIRTEEN! ^^ ppl who visit can sleep on my bed πŸ™‚

IM football starts this sunday.

EKG today and tomorrow (left at 4:30ish, returning at 11night)… seemed like it woulda been fun, but hey everything happens for (a) reason(s), yes? i think so too =) hope everyone is having a great time… maybe i can go next year πŸ™‚
unless i remember wrong, i believe this is the first time i’m here w/o “0” (which i find strange…)

i like talking sometimes. listening even more so.
and being really random (always)

scavenger hunt tonight! (upperclassmen mixer)… my camera annoys me cuz the flash seems messed up. as in, pictures turn out weird when i use flash, but dark and un-seeable when i don’t. what a dilemma. sorta fun walking around campus, asking ppl the same things over and over again. randomly asking strangers if they fulfill the criteria…

o yeah. sitting in classes just for fun (not paying much attention/not taking notes) is a GREAT way to force myself to do either hw or recopy notes. or take naps. better than wasting all my time in front of the computer….

currently: leave out all the rest (linkin park)
                love them like jesus (casting crowns)
                really old azn songs (that i’d wake up to during roadtrips from brownsville to houston)

wish i could find my singapore classmates…too bad i dunno/don’t remember their names…

disciple…discipline…looks similar…

pray about/for: people

the end (i think)


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  1. kohkoh

    CLEMENTS has a lot of freshmen. >.< 750+ compared to 500-something of all the other classes. GAY. i think my class has a bit under 600. WE GET CLASS RANKS NEXT WEDNESDAY! how exciting! you wrote a lot. so you’re not at the retreat??


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