so i filled in a weekly schedule yesterday… i spend a lot of time in class =(
16 credit hours (1 more than the past two semesters), but 24 hrs in class (including TA sessions) SIGH. there’s an 8 hour discrepancy…how depressing. also, my time seems to mysteriously disappear. my tues and fri are relatively free, but for some reason i watch less online tv than last year, and i’m at about the same level of productivity (aka close to none)… WHERE DOES MY TIME GO???
also, my mondays and wednesdays are killer (more wed than mon tho)
i think i’ve been spending a lot of time (when compared to last year) outside my room, so maybe thats why my time “disappears” on me..

feels weird being a sophomore with so many new fishies… its like…wow now i have to initiate conversations and be (or at least pretend to be) the “friendly” person who can help them in whatever they need…and all that other stuff

yeah. a lot less free time >.<

missed out on a couple free shirts yesterday…it was quite disappointing… but so far this year i’ve gotten a pretty good stash of t-shirts and planners (tho how many planners can a person use, really… i guess i’ve got scrap paper in the form of planners? *shrug*)

also, i’ve gotten in contact w/ boai ppl! so cool =) makes me wanna go back even more…
i think i have a bad habit of reminiscing/ being overly nostalgic too much

AACM events abound. about an average of 2 per week. or something like that.

dilemma: retreat weekend = first rockets home game weekend… how coincidental.

and…yeah i’m supposed to be more productive this year (or at least this semester)…i don’t see it happening. with harder classes, this tactic will work no longer. what am i gonna do…..*shrug*

also, why are there bad people who don’t care about what happens to others? why do people get away unpunished?
and why do people like partying and drinking? oh well… time will tell i guess… to each his/her own.


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  1. kohkoh

    uh. why did you stay up til 3-something?! i seem to waste a lot of my time too, but i seriously don’t know where it all goes! i usually don’t have a lot of homework, so i think i just spend it online, and then when it’s like 8-9 PM, i’m like, “CRAP! I HAVEN’T DONE ANYTHING PRODUCTIVE!” in reality, i have PLENTY to do, but i never have to heart to do it. =(


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