moved in on wed…i don’t think i’ve managed to organize all my stuff tho, but my comp’s all set up, which is the most important thing i had to do =)

we did a whole bunch of remodeling before we finally decided to leave the room and “furniture” (aka beds, desks, closets) alone…and kim + madeleine took pics of the unpacking process, i guess it could be called… i don’t see a point in taking pics if other ppl are willing to do so (except in some circumstances, like in china )

lots of ppl are heading up these couple days.. but i’ve kinda lost track of the ppl i talk to around here, so i’m not quite sure if everyone’s moved up already, its ok tho, we’ve got a year to catch up and all… i had something else to say, but seems as if i’ve forgotten it =

ummm textbooks are stupid…ordered them a loong time ago, and they have yet to arrive…everything’s supposedly on backorder at the moment. yay.

i like volunteering for mooovin =)
most ppl are VERY nice and grateful that there are ppl there helping them, and when u start talking to random ppl (cuz well…its ur job to be hospitable and all so its not all that weird) u meet nice ones with interesting stories… and the thing about ppl around here…they’re ALL (well about 80+% of them are, which is pretty good) willing to be nice and friendly ^^
too bad i’m tired…bet i could take a nap until midnight or something, but then my sleep would be REALLY messed up…sigh.

back to school = back to responsibilities and to-do stuff

o yeah. flavored water = taste is like diluting a could-be-good-tasting drink, and aftertaste is even worse. and it stays FOREVER >.<

shirt count: 1


3 thoughts on “

  1. aussie_ch1ck

    wow danggg…so far 4 shirts (including joy’s ) XD btw i loved it when u freaked out when u moved in…something to do with ur computer and internet haha πŸ™‚


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