i am thoroughly disgusted with the state of my house…or at least the parts of the house where my stuff litters the ground

started packing (aka unpacking) 2-3 hrs ago, and now 3/4 of my room is covered with things i am uncertain about bringing up (i keep asking: necessary or not? and keep answering myself: i dunno…)
my desk area fares no better, as i finally unpacked one box earlier today at about 1…its contents are now covering half of the area my sister used to play in… its a good thing she found the laundry basket, for she now lounges in it in front of the tv, with a pillow behind her head. its like her own very portable bed. kyle xy would like it… too bad nobody watches it and i haven’t been watching any of season 2…
ah well. tons of time in college to catch up with tv shows =) one of the few pluses about school starting up once again

1+ days left. wheee

oh yes. tv is very boring when there’s no series to rush through…so now i am reading through random fantasy articles to assuage my packing stress 🙂

I HATE PACKING. and unpacking too.


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