wow i’m good. finished my 4th series of the summer about two nights ago (thurs night), but now i’m sad cuz there’s nothing to watch on american tv at night (well by “night” i mean from 9/10ishpm-2am, and so i get bored)

bought most of my stuff sometime last week (i don’t remember), so now my house has random grocery bags strewn (i like that word) about… have yet to unpack, let alone pack; guess i’ll be doing some of that in the next couple days…only 3ish days left before i journey back to up to ole austin
mixed feelings about going back..keep feeling as if i won’t like this year as much (i foresee a strong dislike of all 6 classes), but who knows? after all, there’ll be more bang this year (or at least i hope) =)
summer’s been far too lazy……

woke up at 1pm today…latest i’ve woken up in quite awhile… dunno why.. i slept at like 3-4am, so i got a whole lot of sleep… i wish i could live on 6 hrs of sleep without any repercussions… sleep seems a waste of time, but we all need it =

so accomplishments of the day: finishing both that difficult puzzle and hp7 for the second time ^^
not gonna try starting anything now, don’t have time to finish…

i predict i’m gonna watch hsm2 for 3 nights in a row… parents out at bible study/fellowship group tonight, so “babysitting” my sister means watching hsm2…again.
guess its not so bad, cuz the special features during commercials are different =)

looking forward to free stuff (esp crocs and shirts), start of nba season, and FANTASY (i keep saying i’ll stop towards the end of each fantasy season, but i keep wanting to play once it starts…)


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  1. kohkoh

    i don’t know anybody in my physics class! wth! 😦
    i bet you’ll get tired of hsm2…
    you should watch mtv! their new episodes air at 9-10 pm. 🙂 get addicted to the hills and newport harbor, though i can’t really imagine you watching those…


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