trying to start a new series… this one’s only 2 boxes, which is misleading… 30 discs total, so i dunno if i’ll finish =
also, i’m speeding up on my harry potter reading (i read more when i’m watching non-azn-vcd-series tv) so…*shrug* <– i’ve been using that a lot lately…it works for me and my minimal expressions

today was quite busy (at least until now)…slept at 4:30ish AM after getting to pg200 on hp7 (1st reread..yeah i kno i’m kinda slow), then dragged myself awake at 10 cuz we were supposed to watch the 10:45 rush hour 3
instead, we left at 10:35/40ish cuz yeahh we’re a slow/late family, watched the 11:15 one instead
the movie was pretty good…but i don’t think i ever wanna watch another movie w/ my sis anymore… ugh. she can’t keep still and she can’t stop talking… and she doesn’t know how to whisper either -_-
during the previews, the film kept dying, so we got kinda annoyed, but then the actual movie film went by smoothly (except one part where the lighting went all weird… like the ppl’s faces were normal for one moment, and then yellow the next…over and over again)… usual rush hour antics = funny movie =)

then we went to barnes… i walked through the mall for the first time since i dunno when..its changed some… cuz my parents wanted me to park at the dillards enclosed lot.. oh well walking’s good.. preparation for college life i guess… picked up two books cuz my mom had like 35% off total =)

then lunch, then target!
o btw, i wore jeans + aacm talent show ’07 tshirt…when cruising through one of the school supplies aisles, this indian/south asian guy — i think he was an elementary/middle school dad — pushing a cart came up to me…
guy: excuse me, do you kno where the shap’nas are?
me: *stares blankly* *looks at the stuff around me* huh?
guy: you know… pencil shap’nas? (i took this to mean “pencil sharpeners”)
me: ohhh *looks around* umm…no…sorry?
guy: *stares* ohhhh… you don’t —
me: *cuts him off* oh haha…nope sorry
guy: oh cuz you look —
me: *cuts him off again* oh yeah i guess…
guy: sorry…
me: uhh that’s ok *walks away hurriedly*

well…that was certainly a first… maybe i SHOULD work there since i like it so much haha… i really like their bags too.. higher quality =)
which is why i always take a few extra every time we buy stuff there ^^

oh yeah! grades for 2301 are FINALLY in… so now i’m officially done 🙂
only thing left… figure out how to transfer my credits…

PS. my sister starts school on monday!!! =D only half-days, but still, good enough (yeah i kno i’m evil..oh well)

PPS. i broke my aim… i dunno how or why but now when i click “new away message” from the away msgs drop down box thing, the away box doesn’t show up anymore… i can only save a new away msg and then choose from my saved msgs, which really stinks =(


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  1. kohkoh

    if you work at target, i have a junior class stuco shirt that has the huge target sign on the back and says “Expect more.” but i don’t think that’s their slogan anymore…


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