yay! finished my 3rd series this summer
they’re all quite predictable, but that’s alright… here’s to happy endings =)
sometimes i think i might wanna do forensics and stuff, but i don’t think i can deal w/ the dead bodies… their technology is REALLY COOL tho

have yet to finish hp7 and the puzzle…oh well
i still needa unpack, pack, and…yeah
i ❤ the lazy life
2 more weeks before austin, 3 more weeks before i officially hate all my classes
o right. i’m DONE with govt. no more (tho it was kinda fun…with the adrenaline rush…)


One thought on “

  1. kohkoh

    YAY! you finally updated! 2 more weeks for my to be lazy. actually since i’ll only be taking 4 “real” classes, i can still be lazy during the school year! except for stupid college apps… still don’t know if i wanna take the ACT.


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