finally ended that dry spell of non-movie watching
i really don’t remember the last movie i saw at the theaters…maybe it was step up? i know i haven’t been in like a year or so… cuz there never seems to be much point in watching a movie when i’m only back for a weekend…

anyway, saw bourne ultimatum at 10ishpm (at first i didn’t wanna watch, since i didn’t watch the first two…) it was very exciting… i didn’t kno today was the first day it came out until i saw the packed theater…had to sit in the front section, so that was kinda bad in the beginning (head almost started to hurt with all the flashes of bright light on the screen) but i eventually got used to it
well worth the price of admission (seeing as i paid for the children’s $6 ticket ^^)

now i kinda wanna watch the first two movies..or maybe attempt to read the books

oh yes, i also started watching a new series today – the cantonese CSI it seems…  got bored after 3 episodes, but i’m hoping i can finish it so it won’t be a complete waste of money =

yesterday, i went to get gas (first time these three weeks), but the credit card wouldn’t work…kinda embarrassing, but the gnats were with me… i had to pay w/ cash cuz it would seem stupid to go there and not get any gas at all, and then nat1 helped me to pump gas (cuz i apparently don’t kno how to stick the nozzle in enough)
then went to black walnut cafe and finished up at nat1’s house (surprise! haha)…twas fun

but the freedom ends tomorrow morning, at approximately 7 or 8am… parents gonna be back in town…it’s been quite the adventure =)

leaving on the 22nd, let’s see how much i can get done by then (by this i mean being productive by my own standards, not by normal standards :P)


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  1. kohkoh

    why’d you get charged a children’s ticket? i told you bourne would be good/exciting! it’s always full of adventure and awesome scenes!


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