august 1, 2007

twas an interesting night, for sure. (it barely turned 12:00, so it was still the 1st when everything happened, not the 2nd yet)
i guess God took pity on my having no stories to tell on fb, so He made tonight extra interesting (but maybe He confused “interesting” with “heart-attack inducing”…)

so here goes…
nat2 and i spent half the day working on making stuff, and then finally at 9:30ish we went to the koh residence to “surprise” little koh for her bday, which was actually yesterday (i had govt stuff due yesterday, but it worked out anyways…)

then we stayed until about 11:30ish? i’m not exactly sure, but it was 11something when we left, and we were off to nat2’s residence (i sent her home). cuz of location and all that good stuff, i took oilfield (which isn’t so bad…i don’t think) on the way, this car passed by and messed with its headlights, annoying both me and nat (i kept a firmer hand on the wheel). and then a few minutes later, another car (or maybe it was a truck) passed us, and this one threw stuff at the car (kinda gave me a slight scare when the car bumped through it cuz i thought it was just random papers flying around at first)
i’m not even that confident a driver at night, but oh well. my mission was to send nat home, so complete it i must.
towards the middle of the road, i see this bright orange sign reading “detour”… that’s the first time i saw such a sign. thus, i cautiously drove to the right, before arriving at an intersection. i could go straight or turn left or right. because i wanted to see if i could get to lake olympia, i turned right. five minutes later, i see another detour sign on the road. since i’ve never taken oilfield to lake olympia, i decide to turn around and turn right at the intersection (basically going straight instead of turning right in the first place). instead of a smooth u-turn, i did a messed up 3-pt turn (luckily there weren’t that many cars around). after a few minutes of worrying and a couple more driving, we realize that i’m on the road i normally take. about 5 min away from her house, there’s a somewhat sharp curve in the road. however, my attention wasn’t on the curve, and so it became a very close and jerky turn. why wasn’t i paying attention to the dark and winding road?
when a streetlight shone on my  windshield, i noticed a spider crawling  near the top. i looked closer to see if it was inside or outside, and took my eyes off the road for a few seconds (the curve).
so when i finally arrived (safe and sound, thanks to God watching over us), i got out of the car to check if it was dented by whatever objects were thrown in my path, and then i checked to see if the spider was inside or out. it was in…so i crushed it and threw it in the trash.

going home was a much smoother ride. highway 6, all the way, until i was about to turn onto williams trace to go home. what happened? i got stopped by a cop. yup. and i was only going 40 on the 45mph road (since there were no other cars around me, i didn’t see a point in speeding up)

first time i’ve been stopped by a cop.
awaiting anxiously, i pondered for a few seconds as to where to stop the car, and finally i stopped just short of blocking the right turn lane. the cop got out, headed over, and asked for my ID and insurance…
then he notified me that my bright lights were on, and they weren’t allowed when other cars were on the road… i didn’t even know they were on… then he asked me to turn them off. i glanced at the wheel for a couple seconds before turning back to him, lost. so he had to help me turn them off…
then he said he’d just give me a warning, but he had to check my drivers license (he also asked if i had any warrants and stuff… i was like….)
anyways, after he came back, i asked where i was supposed to stop my car (or where i should go it in the future in case i get stopped again)… turns out i’m supposed to turn into a parking lot and not just stop at the side of the road, cuz the cop could get run over (or that’s how he explained it to me)
…and i thought if we kept driving, the cops would get mad and think we were trying to escape and yell and shoot at us…

anyways, to sum it up…tonight was very ….

i needa go calm down now…


6 thoughts on “

  1. kohkoh

    WHOA! i didn’t know all this stuff happened! you shouldn’t take oil field at all, especially not at night! seems like the cop was rather nice though! maybe it’s just a wake-up call from God.

  2. sweetxmiette

    yeah, my cop didnt let me off. then again i was totally speeding like twice the speed limit.sugarland cops are nicest. once you’re in houston limits, it’s over.

  3. aussie_ch1ck

    haha i love what kim wrote XD yeah…dude WHY DIDNT U TELL ME ! T_T sorry henry wasnt there to comfort u XD or my dancing bear. but yeah thank God you got a warning only. 🙂 sorry i was such trouble. next time i shall drive you home 😉 btw i doubt what that truck threw was paper cause i heard a t hud when it hit ur car. =/ hopefully its fine. and the spiders still in my bin -_- ….i cant believe u almost made me take the tissue with the dead spider in it. =/

  4. mmm_kohkoh

    umm…maybe you shouldn’t take oil field, esp since you don’t know the road, and now they’ve completely changed it so that the road winds thru the new neighborhood by elkins. you need some common sense, please! i told you your high lights were on the other night you picked us all up and we went to your house. you apparently didn’t listen… OR ignored me..


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