spent just about the entire weekend away from home… mostly at church…2-8 sat (port arthur, college fellowship field day/bbq), 10:45-10 sun at encounter, chipotle, nat’s house, and church (5:30-10 >.<), which totals to about… 12.5 hrs at church? something like that…can’t believe i’ve been at church so much tho, not that it’s a bad thing

i’m quite the homebody. i like home. the place i mean… people matter too, i guess, but in this instance i was talking about “home” the place, not necessarily the people…

anyways, tonight was the china reunion… not quite sure what i can say about this year, seeing as it mostly just strengthened my feelings from last year… or if not strengthened, then more like renewed… throughout the year, i didn’t think about my “awesome summer of 2006” as much as i thought i would have towards the end of summer, which is unfortunate.

well. its like an addiction… or maybe a magnet. magnet sounds better… once you near the thought, the idea, the place, it takes hold of you and you’re pretty much stuck. away from it… you gotta be completely away though. no thoughts whatsoever. then maybe you’ll be un-pulled towards that force, but that’d be a waste cuz going’s quite the opportunity.

wow i sound so cryptic. but that’s ok. whatever happens, i will make time to go again in the summer. no matter what. i have to.

there. now that can be my reminder, my promise i’ll look back on when i’m trudging through the horrendous piles of stress in the next two semesters. and the fuss that will appear due to the summer olympics.

my kids πŸ™‚

o yeah. i finished all 125 (not 120, as i previously thought…) a couple days ago — now
starting cantonese series (w/ english subtitles, surprisingly..first
i’ve seen) — this one has 30 i believe… a huge diff. but we’ll see.
currently rereading hp7 as well. and not keeping up with govt. but that’s ok. govt’s not that important. really.

i make decisions if it matters to me at the time

nope, not the pushover at all times as i once thought…other ppl know me better than myself it seems


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