i’ve been really slow this year…dunno why. maybe its cuz i already know what’s gonna happen, as i’ve already seen this series… oh well.

my accomplishments this summer (thus far)
1. riding 14 planes in the span of 1+ months
2. reading hp7 on the first day (finishing before i sleep, although not before midnight, but i think it still counts as day1)
3. starting to play piano again (random songs i find interesting)
4. puzzle1
5. sleeping on a bed
6. on vcd #100 out of 120 🙂

i still need to
1. meet up with friends, as i haven’t been doing much of that this summer (as compared to last summer) =
2. finish all 120 by the end of this week, start on a new series (this time to better my cantonese)
3. re-read hp7
4. play more piano
5. finish a stupidly difficult puzzle that’s quite impossible
6. start packing
7. keep up w/ summer school junk >.<
8. find american tv shows that don’t annoy me and that i’ll actually look forward to watching instead of my asian vcds
9. come up with actual stuff to write…

past week+ hasn’t seemed all that different, surprisingly… i don’t mind it =)

bball news: spurs traded away rights to scola. to the rockets. for basically nothing. oh and they threw in jackie butler just for fun -_- rockets gm seems to be getting along just fine…all these new names. oh well. hopefully spurs know what they’re doing and don’t crash and burn… looking forward to portland (though not really oden, more roy and aldridge…), seattle, charlotte, houston, and SA

predictions: spurs will make it to 2nd round and get kicked out =( rockets will make it to 2nd round. bobcats will make playoffs.


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  1. Anonymous

    For some reason, my video is “related” to your video.It was your guitar video.I have no clue how your guitar video is relevant to me magically changing clothes in a blink of an eye.


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