plane rides. ugh.

departure date and time1: july 5th (thurs), 2007   1:45pm flight (singapore time… houston+13hrs)*
departure date and time2: july 5th (thurs), 2007   6:45pm flight (taiwan time… houston+13hrs)*
departure date and time3: july 6th (fri), 2007   11:40am flight (LA time… houston-2hrs)*

*all flight times estimated

we left singapore wayy past 1:30…my dad and i had the two aisle seats (eva planes are arranged 2-4-2) so i got a window seat… flight time about 3-4 hrs to taipei airport. we arrived at 6:00pm, the BOARDING TIME for our next flight -_-

rushed onto the plane to realize that we’re sitting in the 4 seater section for this 13 hour flight. sigh. we usually aim for the 2 seater sections. at least we had ONE aisle seat (my dad sat in that one). when we flew off into the sky, i eagerly plugged in my headset and took out the screen control, for i read in the magazine that an episode of FRIENDS was available. i started pushing buttons, navigating the arrow to scroll down to what i wanted, when i suddenly realized that

…there was more than one arrowhead
…there was an unmovable green box in the middle of the left side of the screen, joyfully proclaiming the wonders of eva airways



on the bright side, maneuvering the arrow(s) to where i wanted them sure kept me busy for most of the flight… i ended up watching two movies –reign over me, in the land of women– and two tv shows –friends, the closer– in my 13 hours on the plane.

and no, i couldn’t even fall asleep…. first time i’ve experienced not being able to fall asleep on a plane. greatttt timing.
eva long distance planes are cool cuz u have that leg rest thing (the cushion rises from the bottom of your seat..adjustable) along with the usual reclining thing (except its better cuz ur seat slides down to accomodate for ur reclining so it doesn’t bug the ppl behind as much)
so for the first time in my life on planes, i decide to try the reclining thing (i’ve never done it cuz i didn’t want to bug the ppl behind me), to find…

my seat DOESN’T RECLINE. -_-

oh yeah, towards the end of the flight, the lights came back on and one of the airplane ppl were like “good morning. we will now be serving breakfast”… about an hour later, we landed at the LAX airport …at about 7pm

because our very first original flight back to houston had been cancelled about a month ago (they didn’t even inform us, my mom found out when she double checked to see if everything was in order), our flight back to houston was gonna be friday afternoon.
so my dad and i checked into the hotel my mom had earlier booked for us and settled in for the night. we woke up at 5am (LA time) due to jetlag…

go to the airport by 9, walk around for an hour, wait for over an hour (the plane arrived late again). ok! finally time to board.
we got on the plane, plane moves to the airstrip, prepares for take-off, when…

the engines turn off.

everyone looks around in confusion as the pilot’s voice comes over the speakers… “houston intercontinental airport just has called to inform me that we cannot take off yet, for they have shut down the airport due to the weather. i’ll call back in half an hour to see what we’re gonna do.” half an hour later… “just called the airport.. still shut down, they told me to call back in 15-20 min.” during this time, the stewardesses take pity on us and give us complimentary headsets (value: $1). twenty minutes later… “earliest they say we can take off is about 4pm, two hours from now. i don’t want to shut you guys in here, so we’ll taxi back to a gate and you guys can deplane and come back in two hours”
so we get off the plane

and i promptly run into melissa kwan, who was scheduled for the 12:20 flight back to houston, but was told her flight (like mine) was delayed.

anyways, my dad and i went to get lunch and arrived back at 3, only to be told that houston flights were gonna try for a 3pm take-off. we get back on the plane and the tunnel thing starts sliding back…and then stops. we are told that there are more ppl who have arrived who need to get on the plane (not really their fault, cuz we were told to be back at the gate at 4, not 3), so the tunnel thing comes back again. half an hour later, we’re finally in the air. get to the airport at 8:30, back home by 9:30/10pm

whatta day…

PS. i did a quick count… during my summer vacation, i boarded approximately 14 planes. fun stuff.


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