…eating a full course meal at about 7am…

felt like sleeping, but cuz i’m not 6 like my sis, i couldn’t sleep through dinner (altho it felt like a good time to just conk out)

newayz, there’s no trust amongst my relatives… throughout dinner, whenever one member of the family went to “use the restroom”, someone else had to tag along.
first, it was my dad who went… when i looked around the table, however, my grandfather had left as well.
dessert rolled around, and both my aunt (dad’s older sis) and my 6th uncle’s wife (technically my aunt too haha) were mysteriously MIA.

why did they have to leave in pairs? they were afraid of someone else footing the bill…

so at the end of dinner, my dad asked the waiter for the bill. the waiter’s reply? “oh the meal’s already been paid for.” turns out my aunt had done the deed when she went to “use the restroom”. my mom laughed at my dad for being so cocky… cuz we were like “look who’s missing…bet they went to go pay the bill” and my dad was like “no no i got it”
haha when both my aunts went missing, my mom and i leaned over to my dad to tell him, and he in turn leaned over to his dad (my grandfather) and asked him about it… my grandfather was like “what? no, they won’t do that..the meal isn’t even over yet… tell u what. we’ll finish our dessert and i’ll go with you to check up on them” –too bad my aunts already came back by the time they were done…

sigh…those asians… haha


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