i lost my pillow within the first hour of the 13hr long flight from LA to taipei… =(
o yeah. we left the la airport at about 1:20am (3:20am SL time, 2:20pm taipei/hk/singapore time)

so i’m sitting next to strangers (cuz we could only get 3 together and i didn’t feel like sitting with my sister newayz heh) in an aisle seat. during take-off, i decide to sleep with my head angled to the left (towards the aisle) so it won’t be that awkward…it was this old man next to me… i put my pillow behind my head, and go to sleep.
1/2 to 1 hr later, the stewardesses walk down the aisle, giving out our first meal of the flight (ok seriously. what meal was this? really early breakfast? it didn’t even match any meal time of where we left or destination -_-)

so i woke up, and my pillow was gone! i even searched around my seat… nothing. =(
i spent the next 12 hrs without a pillow… so sad!

we had instant noodles a few hrs later (but i wasn’t hungry so i closed my eyes and pretended to sleep)

and then there was this one time where i shifted in my seat cuz i got uncomfortable, and the guy, thinking i woke up, tapped me and said something (he needed to go to the bathroom) — but i was sleeping! sigh. so then i woke up to him trying to get past me (awkward!) and shifted in my seat to let him by…aiya (when i told my mom she was like “ahhaha u were rude to the old guy… u ignored him! …mo dai mo sai” – cantonese phrase)

and right before we landed (5ish am taiwan time), we had a full breakfast…. sooo filling >.<

o btw eva food isn’t that bad =)

and we got on the plane at 8ish am (1.5 hr flight to hk), and they served another breakfast -_-

and then we arrived at my grandparents’ apartment at 11ish am (hk time) and we had to eat lunch -_-

then we went back to our apartment (my grandparents have an “extra” i guess for us when we come back)…my dad and sis went to sleep, my mom and i were reading for a little bit, then my mom went to sleep
i ended up sleeping 7pm to 6ish/7ish am hk time… but i woke up at 1am and had to force myself back to sleep
(translation– slept at 6am to 5ish/6ish pm SL time..but i woke up at 12pm first — normal bedtimes for me!)
dunno yet if i have jetlag

i’m glad my grandparents’ neighbors have unsecured wireless =)

PS. i watched music and lyrics, because i said so, and most of pursuit of happyness on the plane..pretty good
i think its SOOO COOL that i left on 5/31 (so i saw the may edition of the airline magazine), went to hk on 6/1 (so i saw the june edition–kinda glad i’m not traveling in june..i’ve never heard of those movies) and i’m going back to SL in july..hopefully they’ll have really great movies then =)


6 thoughts on “

  1. aussie_ch1ck

    XD this is why you dont sit in the seat thats closest to the aisle…cause then ppl would wake u up cause they need to use the restroom. But then again…the last time i flew..i had the window seat and i felt like throwing up and i couldnt get out cause the two ladies were in my way…>< But it sounds like your having fun in asia 🙂

  2. cindieee717

    yanwing! im at DC right now. haha your xanga posts are funny. i read your relative dinner post..and that was indeed hilarious. so are you still in hk? man..i didn’t have internet last night..it sucked ;( i’ll have it tmr and i’ll see if you’ll be online 🙂


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