oy i can’t believe i fell asleep =(
..never got to finish watching house season finale, forgot to finish packing, and didn’t do lots of stuff

newayz… how has college changed me?

1) for better or worse, i think, in a way, i’ve gotten more confrontational
not that i get all up in ppl’s faces demanding to know stuff (altho i guess it’s not as much of an impossibility now as compared to before)
its more like…
a- i talk to strangers (ppl i don’t know all that well or at all) more
granted, its not great conversations that go on forever, and it may get awkward at times, but i think i make more of an effort these days to just say SOMETHING so its not totally silent (course, if other ppl are there and they want to talk, then i’m just quiet cuz there’s no need for me to speak haha)
b- i DO confront ppl, but online (the “cowards way out” haha)
yeah i still don’t like face-to-face confrontations cuz i feel it’ll get very awkward (at least for me), so i end up doing everything online
i dunno its kinda like after this year, altho sometimes i still feel like “ehh you do it”, i’m more likely to go “oh you want me to go talk to this person about that? ok give me a minute to think of what to say”

2) i got dirtier — i used to shower daily. now i don’t =(

3) i procrastinate more — i thought this would be an impossibility, but guess what? it’s not… my “last minute” stuff is LITERALLY last minute now..and most times i end up going over time >.<

4) i’ve come to a realization that i have issues with pride and jealousy and discipline (well the discipline one i’ve always known, but the others are kinda new thoughts)

5) o yeah. i’m never certain about ANYTHING (well almost..like 98% of the time, at least)
guess i don’t wanna steer ppl wrong (or at least give them a heads up that what i say might not be true/right haha)

newayz i will think about this more later (cuz i realize the only part i thought about was #1 haha)

spurs creamed utah 109-84, giving them the series 4-1 ^^
utah’s bench players started the 2nd half (surrendering the game then already)
parker did a pretty awesome job
so. SPURS all the way. 1st finals game = june 7th

in asia for a month (until july 6)

i still detest packing.


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  1. kohkoh

    you COULD have done the stuff you didn’t get to do had you not made a post. ah well. what’s done is done. have fun in asia!


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