omgshh why do i get tired so early nowadays? =(
instead of braving it till 6 or 7 or whenever (aka i sleep when ppl awake), rec week has caused me to get tired at about 12:30 nightly…
but yeah i was gonna type stuff about college and life and recweek the night i got back, but then i sat staring at the weblog entry page..and i had no words, and thus i have nothing to say =
maybe i’ll be in the mood a little later?
neways, spurs up 3-1..hopefully they win on wed so i’ll leave thurs content that they’re def in the finals
this’ll be 2yrs straight that i’m missing the playoffs, but at least i got most of the series this year =)
unfortunately, i feel as if my zeal for all things nba has been slowly ebbing (seems like i’m becoming less of a fanatic…) sighh…hopefully i’ll become more passionate about it next season

newayz, this post was just to remind me

o yes, i still owe a post about how college has changed me.
i think that’s it.
maybe i’ll start my introverted ways again…private or protected?? i’ll think about it =)
oooh i needa start journaling! ..maybe

ok list of stuff i needa do:
1. journal
2. read
3. get off fb once i start feeling bored (instead of looking for more stuff to do)
4. same as 3, but with computer
5. unpack/pack
6. wake up before 12 every day

that’s it for now.



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