WOW. so it turned from exciting to GREAT to heart-attack inducing…
game 6 of the western conference semi-finals, spurs lead series 3-2
neck and neck for the first half..exciting!
i go away to my computer for a little bit sometime during the 3rd quarter to look up info about rec week, then return to to the tv only to find that the spurs have taken a 10+ pt lead…GREAT!
so i sit and watch as the spurs build on that lead…all the way to 20!!!
–suns were playing reallly sloppily… triple teaming unnecessarily, running around as if they didn’t have plays, passing and trying to push the tempo…really messy
course, with this team, no lead’s ever safe… so with someone insisting that the spurs have it won, i continue to watch skeptically

…only to find the spurs every so steadily losing their lead -_-
nash was almost a miracle worker..kinda like tmac with his 15 in 35 seconds… he made shot after shot, 3 after 3
until the point differential dwindled down to 5
wtheck -_-
5 points…about a minute to go….
HEART ATTACK inducing! seriously.

luckily, spurs made their free throws and were able to hold on towards the end…

final score: 114-106
spurs win series 4-2

cavs also won their series 4-2 tonight, and pistons won 4-2 last night

now on to jazz…first game sunday….
let’s hope this series is not as tabloid-y…no dirty plays/hits/fouls/whatevers…just play some good ole bball…


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