i don’t really wanna keep posting constantly, but now its like back in the days… back when i frequented xanga and had lots of stuff to say 🙂

so… my sleeping habits are quite messed up (more than before, if u can believe it)
first day back:
sleep – after 6am
wake up – about 1 (when my mom called to wake me up so i’d get ready for my dentist appointment)
sleep – 6pmish
wake up – on and off, officially at 10:20ish

eh…so i’m like… taking 2 naps? and not really sleeping?? what’s going on… sigh

in the world of spurs, they’re losing quite badly (see? not unexpected…)
now its beginning of 3rd quarter, with phoenix leading 46-35, 10:30ish left in the quarter
but during the halftime report, charles started with something that i kinda agree with (it gave me renewed hope in the spurs) —
“the spurs aren’t playing normally right now. i think they feel kinda guilty about what happened cuz they know that it wasn’t fair for the suns, and it has affected their preparation for the game… they didn’t come out playing with the same intensity… they’ve been taking hits, not making them…”
so hopefully that’s what it is…

o yes, my dad’s and my traveling times are kinda weird…
-he left for russia the evening i came back (he went to the airport at like 5ish, i got back home at like 7ish)
-he’s coming back the day i leave for recweek (dunno what the times are haha)
-i’m coming back from recweek either the day he leaves for canada or the day right before he leaves
…he’s just gonna end up meeting us at LA when we leave for asia


so on…monday? (technically tuesday i guess cuz it was past midnight)
ok well i packed until 4:20ish, then took a shower, tried cleaning up a bit, pulled up my study stuff online, and then watched random vids online until like 6:30ish, then tried studying… except i got REALLY tired and whatnot… SO…
i decided i’d take a short nap…but i was listening to music and didn’t wanna set my phone alarm cuz i’d prob end up missing it and madeleine would wake up to it at like…6:40 or 6:50 or whatever weird time i set…
so i searched for “alarm” on google…
and this was the first link that showed up, which i clicked gratefully (i remember thinking “wow! i got lucky! at the time -_-)
so it looked really simple but effective, and i decided to dl it
and i decided to test it out.. i put the alarm on about 2 min after i dled it and waited…
the time came.
the alarm screeched (kinda like an ambulance alarm/honk sound..quite obnoxious).
i became slightly more alert.
i was happy.
so i set the alarm for about 6:53 or something (10 min) and went to sleep…

…ok the alarm thing is STUPID. i dunno what i was so happy about when i dled it…all it does is beep ONCE, and then a pop up box shows up, asking if u want to “snooze” or “end alarm”. if u ignore the box, it then disappears…so much for being an alarm…sigh…

i ended up waking at like 6:58 to find that the alarm had already gone off -_-

then i studied like for an hour and a half…

when i came back from my exam and sat down at my computer, i looked at my desktop in confusion, for i apparently forgot all about the online alarm i downloaded…

useless alarm clock

conclusion? i do very odd things that i’m not always aware of when i get really tired…
– like most ppl, when i’m writing, i usually add extra words or end up writing stuff that makes no sense whatsoever
– i’ve caught myself eating before..like i’d fall asleep while watching stuff online, and then i wake up to see myself eating chex mix or something…
– and now i seem to download bad alarms and be very happy at poor quality stuff -_-

quick update: spurs down 74-79, 4:45 in the 4th…
cavs lead series vs nets 3-2
pistons lead series vs bulls 3-2
jazz won series (yesterday) vs warriors 4-1
spurs tied with suns 2-2

okkkkk end of long post

OH YEAH. my sis turns 6 tmrw =)
she’s so big now…


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