what have they done???? =(
years of respect, years of being the “good” team, with upstanding players, moral people…
all gone within the matter of one playoff series.
ok sure bowen’s been called out quite often for his defense, but nothing’s ever been confirmed or the such…
the other day when amare called bowen + ginobili + the rest of the spurs a “dirty team,” i scoffed it off… there’s tension between the teams, but that’s no reason to call people names…

so game 4’s winding down, spurs lost their great lead, and what does horry aka big shot rob/bob decide to do? he takes an uber cheap shot and elbows nash HARD, sending him flying off the court into the scorers table…and now he’s known as “cheap shot rob” -_-
wtheck. seriously?? losing gives him the right to manhandle nash… what is this, an effort to save face by injuring another player?

and then to make matters worse, nobody from the spurs’ tent is apologizing… it’s all part of a “physical” series, they say, or nothing out of the ordinary…stuff like that… gotta do whatever it takes for the win…

what a disappointment… spurs messed up (well in my eyes at least, and i don’t even know that many spurs fans to start out with…)

so now amare and boris diaw are gone for game 5 while horry’ll be sitting for 5 and 6.. phoenix players and fans will be livid and all riled up, set to win #5 in phoenix on behalf of the suspended…
so no, i won’t be surprised if phoenix ends up taking a 3-2 lead, though yes phoenix without amare and diaw…sucks for them =

ugh. that play really frustrated me, and i didn’t watch it live on tv…
in fact, i knew nothing of these happenings until my mom brought me out to lunch (before the tedious packing/loading session) and so we’re sitting there, waiting for our food, and the news is on the tv in the chinese-y restaurant.
and i saw spurs fighting with suns. fun stuff… asked my mom, who explained how the spurs were playing dirty in game 4….

unfortunately, it’d be sad if i became unloyal and jumped ship at this moment, so i still hope the spurs end up winning it all…
with the disclaimer that if this sort of behavior continues to occur somewhat frequently, i’d be out of a team, in search for a new one…. sigh. playoffs are getting more physical and nasty nowadays…

spurs 2-2, game in 18ish hours…let’s see how it goes

oh right. moving out officially marked the end of my fish year. was quite the awesome year, and i’ll most definitely miss it… many good times, wish i had a better (more consistent) memory…somewhat looking forward to the next year (though half dreading it as well, cuz…what if it’s not as great??)
sophomore slump coming in a few months?? let’s hope not =)

o yes. before i forget…
i pulled my first college all-nighter … on the last day of my first year at college… fun stuff! =D


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