i think xanga has given me something to do when i can’t think of other stuff to do.. and its more productive than watching endless hours of tv online (but tjmo ;P)

anyways..these past two weeks have been registration weeks for UT students – we’re signing up for next fall’s classes, and today’s the last day. its been full of frustration for many who aren’t able to get the classes they want…
i registered quite early (comparatively) and wasn’t able to get all my classes, but i got most of them..so i was one of the lucky ones. doesn’t change the fact i’m gonna die from a combination of work overload + lack of discipline though heh

here’s what i have so far…

i dunno if it’s the final schedule, as i’m still trying to get into inf322t (children’s literature) or mus313 (intro piano), and i might take pia201 (one-on-one piano instruction)

yeah so registration has been somewhat hectic, and i for one have complained and griped lots and lots about what i’ll have to suffer through next year, the horrible ratings of some of the teachers, bad class times, not getting everything i wanted, etc.

and then earlier this morning when i was taking my once-in-a-blue-moon shower, i just got to thinking…
what if God put us in those classes to meet one person there? what if He made it so that we would have to take that specific class at that specific time – closing all our other options – because we are supposed to meet one person in that class, to change someone’s life, to have our lives changed?
cuz thinking back on my past two semesters, i think i’ve met or talked to at least one new person… what if that’s the reason why we are registered for the classes we’re in?
God’s funny like that… you never know why, but there’s always a reason, a purpose.
would that change our view on classes? i think it would…

well there you have it. just a few thoughts i had somewhat early (well i’m not usually awake at 10 on fridays haha..) this morning 🙂

in other news… i just found out… i’m supposed to take the PCAT this fall?!?!?!? >.<
yeah umm people enjoy high school and freshman year in college as much as you can…. cuz then life sets in =P


4 thoughts on “

  1. kohkoh

    mr. patterson = the husband of mrs. patterson, who was having an affair with uncle maury from the sound and the fury! that’s your FAVORITE book and you don’t even remember it. -_-”

  2. smyoGodlubsu

    mmmm deep! i like it! it’s awesome when you apply God to different things even if they seem small sometiems b/c He always teaches us something…very cool 😀 *pat pat* 😉


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