eco test today… that was… eh -_-
i crammed in all the current events just to realize i had forgotten about the math part of the test… which was worth more points, unfortunately.
i also forgot to review the stuff needed for the technical essay, altho i had written everything down like half an hour before the test. ahh i’m so smart.

so now i have to make a choice… if i happen to be extremely lucky and pull off a B in eco, should i take the B or take the final exam in hopes of getting an A — exam on the 15th (last day for exams), and norman keeps saying he has “no incentive to make the test easy”
getting a B in a high A class… how disappointing.

oh well. i don’t think i’m doing much for my classes… i have a “laissez-faire” attitude haha — does it even work in this context?

alright. i was supposed to write about something a bit more meaningful, but i guess i’ll appreciate my feelings toward this eco class when i grow old and reminisce (is that how u spell it?), and i’ll leave the deep stuff for another day…

one week + one day of classes left… ahh what a year.


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