ah so that was a rather long, inadvertent hiatus from xanga
in my defense, i wrote a couple of notes on facebook πŸ™‚

ok so just for the sake of writing something…
college profs are pretty awesome. they dismiss class whenever they feel like it and they do the randomest things πŸ˜€
like today, at the end of our last eco lecture class (final exam next thurs), the prof (hamermesh, he’s like in his 60s or around there) took out his razor scooter, stuck on a cap sideways, and got on his razor. he then proceeded to race around the lecture hall while rapping about economics. as the “lyrics” were projected onto the wall in front of us, he encouraged us to sing along. too bad i didn’t think of recording him or taking pics or stuff like that…
but that was a pretty cool way to end the semester
and then i got a few extra points on my 2nd test cuz they messed up and added 2.95 points…and when i emailed him to ask about it, he was like “did we screw up? well no matter, honesty should be rewarded.” ^^
tho his class isn’t an automatic A, i’d still recommend him to anyone looking for a microeco prof πŸ™‚

oh and amanda davis for cms too, cuz she dismisses whenever she runs out of stuff to say (and she speaks quite rapidly), and she’s more of an older peer than teacher…

and my philos TA was nice too. (i guess philos prof was nice, cept i never really talked to him…)

yup. last class day tomorrow (bio TA + bio class + cms test), and then finals start wed. wheeee

looking forward to that one month πŸ™‚

good luck to all on finals and all that stress…be sure to take ur vitamins and rest 

[i will write about the 1st semester of fish yr with a bit more substance another day]


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  1. ncswim881

    lol…..interesting class…..kinda reminds me of Calculus AB with Cinque when she sang a song/rap to teach us about limits…..good luck to you too! (on exams)


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