skipping (part ii)

wow. i just noticed i’ve been updating like..every other day -_-
i think ppl should start returning to xanga πŸ™‚
unfortunately, i’m a bad persuasive speech giver…

today, i woke up late (again). because i had no motivation to start writing my speech last night, i decided i’d sleep early (comparatively) and wake up early to work on it. my planned schedule would give me about 3 hours to work before heading off to bio TA session(9-10) and then bio class(10-11). and then cms(aka speech–11-12)
instead, i woke up around an hour before bio TA session. so i did some research and trekked to class (10-15min walk). on the way, i called and informed my mom that i would be missing bio (again) because i needed to work on my speech (again). i assured her this was the last prepared speech on the syllabus.
so after TA session, i headed back to jester, and worked. then i looked at the time, and realized that i was late again -_-
deja vu. but different.
waking up late, being unprepared, skipping, arriving late, and so on… all sound familiar? yup.
the difference? i was less prepared this time round.

good news? the only “speech” left is impromptu. which means we all get 3 min to prepare. i like =)
better news? its the weekend!
best news? 7 class days (11 actual days) before a long(er) break!!!

and my schedule is set. i got into chem lab! so now i don’t have to pick a back-up class =D
and tho 8AMs are killer, i’m glad that they’re all (mostly) nearby πŸ™‚
God was nice and arranged everything so i wouldn’t have to fret over which of my schedules looked nicer =) (i was worried about it for like…3 days)

o yeah. xmas break is right after thanksgiving. or like. 3 weeks after. yipee! =)


6 thoughts on “skipping (part ii)

  1. smyoGodlubsu

    YANN WINGGGGGG!!!!! you’re my hero! πŸ˜€ thanks for the lyrics and for calling me! i was able to hear it in …spirit! haha…and of course i started humming it after you called me πŸ˜› DUDDEEEE!!!! you were in my dream last night! i must tell you all about it when you get back from being away. πŸ˜€ and thanks for your encouragement! it realllly lifted me up. πŸ˜€ ❀ * pat pat*


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