fun weekend. tho traveling takes too long -_-
but the bus wasn’t so bad 🙂

now.. counting down the days till thanksgiving! (12 class days, 16 total)

[edit 12:32am]
sigh. isn’t it silly? on the way back, i told myself it’d be different this time cuz its already 3 months into the year.
but its always the same… there’s always a period of readjustment, i always end up missing the people. one day isn’t quite enough.
or maybe its just cuz its quite late. kinda.
well then. time to resume the countdown…


9 thoughts on “

  1. aussie_ch1ck

    omgsh i need to get u three back >D too bad nat doesnt go to UT cause if i have to get all three of you guys (which i will!) my traveling time will be twice as long as urs i think 😛

  2. aussie_ch1ck

    and wow i just realized u had a edit thing…ok i shall comment on that. How do u think it feels to be me then? i only get to see you whenever you come visit =( and im use to seeing you everyday. I think it takes some readjustment on both sides.

  3. kohkoh

    dude. what happened if you had gone to an out-of-state school? you wouldn’t be able to come home so often. but wait, you wouldn’t have gone to an out-of-state school because you only applied to ONE school. -______-

  4. kohkoh

    they don’t offer chem III anymore cuz there weren’t enough people to take it this year, but maybe next year they will since i have so many nerds in my year. -_- is it easy? someone said it was super easy…


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