today has been an AWESOME day! =D
and its not even 12 yet…

so i woke up and went to bio discussion class across campus..that was a bit tiring, but i made it like 5 min early! (i thought i’d be late…)
we got our exams back, discussed the answers, filled out an evaluation form, and were sent on our way
time in class: 30ish min

bio class
prof lectured on influenza – mainly pandemics and avian flu
wasn’t as boring as usual, and this topic didn’t allow for many of her usual uh…”inappropriate” jokes/remarks
time in class: 50 min

cms class
5 min into class, teacher told today’s speakers to gather outside so she could talk to them…
5 min later, they all came back in
the projector, apparently, was not functioning, and as visual aids were mostly powerpoints, this was a serious problem
class tried to call the tech help, but the number was wrong or something
so all speeches are pushed back a class day (2 actual days), and we were free to go =D
after everyone left (there were like 5 of us still there talking), the projector worked again… -_- she just turned it off and back on…
oh wellllll class was still canceled! =D
and i needed the extra time, cuz i still needa change my topic…
time in class: 20ish min

what a GREAT start to the weekend!

oh yeah. SPURS won last night! HAH.


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