i don’t like college anymore 😦
i surprisingly still feel kinda bad when i see low numbers…
apparently my depressing bio2 grades didn’t immunize me
sigh. eco, you’re my only hope.
too bad i messed up on that today as well…

what a nice week.

oh welllll. there’s more to life than measly numbers! =)

huh. i suppose studying will help…
^ for future reference
..wayyy easier in hs to get by with little to no studying…
now its like… no study = DEATH. DIE LITTLE FRESHMAN DIE.
yup, i have no hope in any of my classes anymore…. bio started off bad, cms and philos made downturns last week, psych and eco made downturns today…

on the bright side, i’ll have IM football to think about tonight! πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “

  1. cindieee717

    awww..i dunno how hard UT classes are…vandy classes are pretty hard..but it’s ok if you actually study lol. i don’t study much and so yeah..haha. man…this month is killing me ;(


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