ok so i dunno why, but i’m EXTREMELY tired now =(
its not even 1:30am yet! sighhh
but i was trying to listen to a somf find from ok this doesn’t make any sense now…

but yeah…what do abouthousing? ah and uh… …. right

so i was trying to listen to a song i recently dled on itunes, and so i put the volumn eouagag

egh. i’lll finish another time, as my brain clearly is not fuhnc90n -__
ok i don’t make any sense anymore -_-

reminder: volume of song >.<

ok so…i totally forgot about this post until mel reminded me >.<
..yeah shows how tired and out of it i was when i wrote it -_-
then i re-read it..and it made no sense whatsoever…like i kept reading it and tried to make sense of it (ex. i deciphered “somf” and decided that it actually meant “song”), but the stupid post still made no sense overall.
and then i tried thinking about what i did last night, but i couldn’t remember (sigh. its amazing how much of a drunk person i am even without the alcohol…)
but like a min ago (about 10pm)… about 1.5 hours after i first re-read what i had typed, something just went *ding!* in my head and i REMEMBERED! well..kindaish

last night, i wanted to listen to some song i had on itunes…and i couldn’t hear anything…so i realized i had turned down the volume from itunes
and so i put the volume higher (like i adjusted the volume bar thingy at the top)
and still, i heard nothing.
so i kept messing around with the volume
i moved the volume control up and down the bar
multiple times
finally, after 5 or so minutes, i realized
my computer volume was on mute -_-

and late in the night, i guess i found this hilarious…and decided to make a post about it
except i never got around to it. and now i can’t see what was so funny… >.<

ahhh i think weird when i’m tired…

we won on like the last play of the game 😀


4 thoughts on “

  1. smyoGodlubsu

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! this is hilarious yw! it’s like a little glimpse into your brain when you’re extremely tired! haha 😀 you’re so silly! u make me LAUGH!I ❤ U!!!! *pat pat*

  2. kohkoh

    uhh can you not type?! -_-”
    um yeah i’m pretty sure i did well… i hope i did at least… if i didn’t i’ll be one sad person in december. =/


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