63-31 :D

THAT is the final score of my first ever football game (i think…at any rate, its my first  UT football game!)
ok so it was against baylor..but hey, i thought there was a chance of losing after they made that first touchdown on their first play of the game >.<
that was pretty bad…
and then the score went to 10-0 before UT finally regained their composure and DECIMATED baylor 🙂

we went to get tickets from koh’s IM fb teammate at about 5ishPM…and came back at like 9:30ishPM
but ’twas fun 🙂

we left before the game ended..like there was 6:30min left in the 4th quarter…to beat the rush of the crowd
at that time, the score was like…48-24 (something like that…) i guess a lot went on in those final 6:30 =)

started out kinda…uhhhh this is FOOTBALL. what am i doing here?! >.<
but then…UT started winning…and it was GREAT!
learned the clapping beat to the cheers…some of the words (eh, not so great words..) … the specific melodies played by the band at different times

and got a coupon thing for 5 free wings at pluckers

all this on a FREE ticket.


PS. not that many ppl would care.. but mccoy made history today! he set the new record for the most TD passes thrown by a freshman quarterback (6)!!

ok so i’m on a football high right now..i’ll prob get off it pretty soon… but while it lasts… HOOK ‘EM HORNS!

er ok. quick run through of weekend thus far [edit: LAST WEEKEND, it’s already passed -_-]:
fri night-
hoedown: surprisingly entertaining…tho i don’t and CAN’T dance, we
all learned (somewhat) to one-step and two-step (depending on speed of
song..). i was bad, but its alright, cuz everyone’s really nice 🙂
besides, girls don’t really needa know what to do..they just do as they’re told/moved about by the guy

8AM-12:30PM volunteering at animal shelter… WEEDING for 4hrs, playing
with dogs/kittens for 1/2 hr… a dog decided to jump on me AFTER padding
about in mud. -_-
2-5PM  watching little rascals with IM fb team 😀
and then fb game! (no, this time not EVERYTHING’s about FaceBook…)


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