major landmark-type day today!!!!

… i skipped my first class as a college student.
and what class was this? none other than the well-loved BIO. ahh its senior year all over again
except this time i skipped cuz i needed to prepare my speech (class right after bio)

what a disaster

oh well, i seem to be more carefree about my grades in college…
i wonder why…

elaboration for my memories, no reading required =)
bio class: 10-11 (start walking at 9:30); cms class: 11-12
ok so i woke up at about 8AM..tho i wanted to wake up wayyy earlier than that (6:30ish…)
worked on the speech thingy
MAN it took soooo long to find credible sources online!
topic: superstitions
then had to make a biblio
an outline (with the sources and thesis)
notecards (use during presentation)
ahhh i forgot about that until the end =
added pics, a title, two slides…
loading the ppt takes sooo long >.<
print ppt slides, save on jump drive
RUSH to class (15ish min walk in 5ish min… my legs really felt like they were gonna be amputated any second)
late to class
PPT WOULDNT LOAD! the drive didn’t show up under “my computer” for some reason
wasted class time T.T
loaded on someone else’s computer, then uploaded to webspace
DISASTER speech -_- (silence, repetition, over the time limit, mumbling, stuttering, etc)
that’ll teach me to not go over it once before actually presenting…sigh…
the end.


9 thoughts on “

  1. eevonvon

    WHOA! lil yao skipping classes now?? hahaas for being more carefree about grades in college…blame senioritis. or LEFTOVER senioritis i should say. lol. I know i have it.

  2. smyoGodlubsu

    o dear…toni >< haha…wellll yeah! so i heard that you skipped your first class! πŸ˜› haha…glad the lesson is learned though! and thanks for your comment…and no i’m not older than you… πŸ˜› i just think weirdly πŸ˜› much looooooooveee! and sleep earlier! πŸ˜€ more dream time!!!!!

  3. kohkoh

    OOOOHHHH i’m telling your MOTHER! on FACEBOOK! haha. gj skipping bio. bio seems so foreign to me now.. they’re learning about light reactions and the thylakoid space diagram and stroma. ahhh 3 NADH and 2 FADH… or was it the other way around?

  4. pradnyab89

    Well…believe it or not…you’re the last person who’d expect to do this…I’m missed a whole bunch of classes…I mean skipped a whole bunch of classes…well…I keep waking up…and its afternoon…I make my Monday Wednesday Friday classes…but tend to miss the Tuesday Thursday ones…yah…I only intentionally intentionally skipped once…and that was Chemistry for a Job Fair…and I think I got a lot more out of the Job Fair than out of Chem class…so yah…but you’ll probably be really suprised to hear this from me…


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