ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! 😀

haha i foresee a LOOOOONG post. sorry!

wowww today was a great day!
o well…yesterday i guess…since its 2ishAM now…
but w/e
happy bday to joy! (she’s oldddd) and…
happy early bday to ashhhhhhhh!!!!! (ok i guess that doesn’t work as well as yaaaaaan haha) (she’s young)

ok so. i lost the “first to post on joy’s fb wall” race…but i lost to a formidable opponent 🙂

since its OU weekend, my 11-12 class (CMS – communications) was canceled, so i only had two classes — BIO TA session 9-10 and BIO class 10-11 =D
and then a psych experiment from 2-3
and then i was done for the day!
oh i spent a lot of money tho =(
..dine in dollars at the jester store cuz all orange things are 10% off until 10/8
and actual money at the co-op again …i really AM an addict =(

and thennnnnn
joy’s surprise bday party! planned by ben =) [insert “awwwwww”s]
she was actually surprised! so it all turned out well
then we went bowling (like at 11:30ish) at the union cuz joy wanted to… we were all SL ppl haha
oh we played pool for a little bit while waiting for the lanes
then went back “home” (jester dorm) at 1ish

and we found packages! and my missing name tag…i wonder where that was hiding all the time..i thought ppl took it and trashed it…its been missing for like over a week..but it randomly showed up again today o.O
but anyways
packages!!!! yayyyy! THANKS EVERYONE! x10^1837401873240180487etc
yeah. college ppl really like mail. and the such. haha. sigh we’re such losers >.<
oh. to clarify: packages = the college lifesaver set of random food snacks complete with “loooooooove notes”
although i think i found some anonymous notes…anyone care to claim them?? like there were Bible verses on some (i think those were meant to be without names)…but then i had like two notes without names, and i’m not that great of a handwriting-analyzer…

oh so since sam was the only one still online… i IMed him (to say thanks and to make sure it really WAS them who left the packages haha)
oddly, i’ve never talked to him in real life before..so i found that amusing. kinda like me talking to “wok” through internet and not in person as well
huh. i guess i’m weird like that…o wellllll
back to story
yup….sam and jon lai walked up THIRTEEN flights of stairs to get to our floor…and we weren’t in =(
wowwww such perseverance! haha.. i get tired walking up 8 flights…
but yeah. they walked up 13 flights — personal delivery!
soooo thanks again! 🙂

yeah. i’m in quite the :):):):) mode =D

my life is very blessed — God is goooooooooood
and he’s put really nice ppl in my life =)

ok so once more… THANK YOU everyone!!

OHHHH guess what else?? ITS THE WEEKEND!
oh andddd abc.go.com uploaded the new episodes of GA and 6degrees! yay!
and youtube has prison break.
and nbc.com has heroes.
and house is not airing for another couple weeks cuz of the baseball playoffs. so i don’t miss that much.
my life is complete =P

[edit: 3:29AM]
ok so…after typing this post, i went to shower…and while i was showering, i heard police sirens…
but i thought nothing of it..cuz police circle the place like every night or w/e…the sirens are rather common.
so i walked out of the community restroom…to find flashing lights and the loud somewhat continuous siren and an eerily empty hall.

i nervously walked back to my room, unlocked the door…
and my roommate was gone

ok THAT was freaky. i thought i was gonna die or something cuz i didn’t evacuate in time…
then another part of me was afraid to walk out cuz i thought it was a fire drill and if i walked out so late, they’d get mad at me

but LUCKILY, the door next to ours opened and my neighbor walked out… she apparently just woke up from a DEEEEEP slumber
so she put on shorts, we locked our doors, and began the long descent down the 13 flights of stairs..all the while complaining about the fire drill… it didn’t seem to take that long and wasn’t even tiring tho…

we got outside and these two ppl were wearing yellow thingies and waving us towards the parking garage
rebecca (neighbor) was like… “is this a fire drill?!”
yellow wearing ppl: “at this time? there will NOT be a fire drill now..”
and so we walked a little more and found the crowd…but we couldn’t find anyone from our floor =(
so we walked more and finally found madeleine (roomie) and ping (hallmate) along with some other ppl..
5-10 min later, we were told to go back in -_-

what a waste of time…
i wonder what happened

oh yeah. it didn’t help that my phone died while i was in the shower…like i went in when it had “low battery”, and i came out to a darkened screen >.<
and then madeleine told me that joy tried calling me…
this just goes to show…charged phones are quite important in preventing death…and panic attacks…

ok. end rant 🙂

today (friday –> early sat morning) has been very interesting….


5 thoughts on “

  1. lilaznnoeyez

    dude a couple weeks ago, the fire alarm went off at 5 am and they made everyone evacuate the building…and it WAS a fire DRILL. luckily i had no classes that day hahahah.

  2. kohkoh

    how did sam and jon get into your floor? you seem very hyperactive. i had caffeine today.. so i don’t think i’ll sleep til 4 am or something. i could compete with you tonight. ;D nice fire drill thing…

  3. smyoGodlubsu

    yayyyy!!! you got mail! 😀 haha….you got left behind….actually that’s bad. 😦 what if it was a real fire?!?!! ahhhhhh!!!!!!!! 😦
    😀 i’m glad you’re happy!

  4. watermelon_grl

    aaaaaaaaaash works better XD you played pool? you any good? you should play pool on yahoo games XDD me and tiffany chen are already addicted XP come join us!! was the fire real 0.0 thats so scaryyyy >.<


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