hiiiiiiiiii =)

could u guys pray for my dad?
he’s having surgery on his jaw/cheek/tooth (in that area) tomorrow morning..
i think from 8AM-noon? yup…
its cuz when he got his wisdom teeth pulled a year ago, the dentist did a bad job or something, so it’s been hurting since then… and now they have to operate on the nerve behind/under the tooth
or something complicated like that…
i dunno…i think all surgeries are kinda scary…so thanks for ur prayers!


[edit 9.26.06]
so today, when we were putting our lunch trays away on the conveyer belt thingy, a lunch worker was throwing trash away or something, and left the door open for a moment. which was when i walked past the door. and i heard “praise you in the storm” full blast (well it was quite loud) inside the “employees/staff only” room 🙂
and i’m positive it was that song cuz i paused for like a minute listening to it 😛
i think it made my day! at any rate, it’s made the day look much brighter. God has been good and full of grace and mercy today =)
i’m telling you… i hear that song at the best possible times… its become a comfort/sign-from-God song

ok. back to my hectic week ^^


9 thoughts on “

  1. aussie_ch1ck

    tsk tsk tsk u guys should sue the dentist XD and makes lots of money out of it. lol jk. but yeh i prayed with my mum (last night) that the surgery today would go well. So no need to worry. =) and OoOo yeh i love listening to that song especially when im going through hard times. Its like a sign from God giving me hope, you know what i mean? =) well goodluck with ur exams. =D

  2. smyoGodlubsu

    awwww..yessss! I shall pray for your dad! Let us know how it goes! mmmm…i like mr. shust’s song! 😀 i misss youuuuuu ywww! Good luck w/ your studies and I’m prayin for your dad!

  3. kohkoh

    hah. yeah.. what happened to being offline?? 🙂
    ooh surgeries are so COOL! especially in grey’s and house! ❤
    speaking of house, i think i must go watch an episode now even though i have so much hw/studying to do. but it’s what i do when i get bored. =)

  4. smyoGodlubsu

    ooooooo! wow! that’s cool! i totally understand too and that’s cooler 😛 i love it when the perfect songs randomly come on that just make you so joyful all of a sudden! i love that song! It is a good reminder! good luck w/ ur studies again!!! how’s ur dad?

  5. cindieee717

    awww..i remember it was when we were doing rice summer school that your dad had to take some days off, and your mom was doing all the driving. i’ll think of him 😀 how’re you? hopefully you’ll be alright with all the midterms. i miss houston 😦


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