sooo… i sleep later when i’m trying to do work and be all productive than when i waste time doing nothing online -_-
ave time i sleep: 3:30AM
why is it so much more of a hassle to get up in college than in high school??? i even get to wake up later now! but for some seems more tiring here >.<

oh well.

if u guys could help me out…be rude or mean or whatever.. do as you must…but don’t talk to me online from sunday (9/24) evening to thursday (9/28) afternoon. unless i (or u guys) have like huge issues homework- or life-related.
thx 🙂

oooh my latest accomplishment: walking across campus (Jester to NOA- across dean keaton st…haha i’m guessing nobody knows what i’m talking about…) in 10 minutes =)
that was reallllllyyyyyyy tiring tho. my legs like..died T.T

well there’s a simplification of the college life for you ^^

oh yeahhh.
i’m available as an editor…sometime after next week heh

PS. youtube isn’t that great anymore..i can’t find any of the new episodes….sighhhhhhh i’m missing grey’s anatomy! and house. and prison break. youtube you disappoint me.

PPS. yoo hoo! haha 😛


5 thoughts on “

  1. xsweetnsour_chickenx

    ur so weak if it took you that long to walk from jester to dean keeton and were tired afterwards. u need to go to the gym more!!! at least that is right across the st from jester so you cant say that its too far away.

  2. watermelon_grl

    bring a scooter/bike to college!! then you can scoot/bike place in lik half the time it takes to walk!! XD and OMG GREYS ANATOMY!! you kno the HUUGE cliffhanger from last season?? in the season premiere they dont even tell you which guy she chooses!!!! >:0 i was VEEERY disappointed. i wasted precious hw time to see NOTHING -_-


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