first things first.
so today after eco class was over, my parker pin (on my backpack) felt loose. so i tried to tighten it, but the back of the pin had fallen off somewhere, but i didn’t notice until it was too late. so now it can’t be put on my backpack anymore….
that space looks so empty now T.T

well it hasn’t been quite a week yet…i think i’ll have to wait another week to see how a FULL week of classes works out
but i think i’m slowly getting used to everything. altho all the reading assigned is quite tedious, and i don’t feel like reading at all… but i’ve worked out some of my classes… like so:

psych: grade entirely based on 4 exams/tests; since there is no part of the grade for quizzes and hw and the like, i’m guessing there are no pop quizzes and therefore i do not have to read until test time
eco: quiz almost every thursday; so i’ll have to catch up on my reading every wednesday night (>.< wed is my busiest day…but it’s all good)
uhh yeah i dunno about the rest of my classes, but i don’t really wanna worry about them for now 🙂

newayz. i’m getting used to directions and stuff!!! i can now find my classes and most buildings…yay! and if i rush a little, i won’t be late — unless some teachers go over time -_- which hopefully won’t happen…

so it turns out that tues is my easiest day now..instead of monday 😦
o well. no extra friday classes were added when i changed my schedule, so i’m happy =)
and i found the christian station here! tho they don’t use the word “christian” or w/e… 102.3!!

the only bad thing…. i think its too liberal and party-atmosphere type for me…
i.e. teachers keep using alcohol and drugs in their examples and stories
      people keep being loud outside…even at 1 or 2 in the morning
      and people walk down the dorm halls back to their rooms while talking LOUDLY at 2-3am (bothering me
      while i’m being all studious and all…sheesh -_-  haha)


now i just gotta make time for naps every afternoon and i’ll be fine =)
its sooooo hard to get up in the mornings hahah

hmm i still wouldn’t mind another hs senior year tho…


10 thoughts on “

  1. tofugrank

    T.T Nice job on psych and eco >.> don’t like the alcohol and drug examples?? hahaaha good thing you didn’t take gov/eco at clements. maybe if you studied during the day… or at the library when it was actually open…

  2. aussie_ch1ck

    omgsh lets swap classes…u can try having coach cox again. Shes either a sexist (i guess its no prob for me cause she likes girls better..=P) or shes a racist….or she just kinda dislikes you cause u cant play sports…>< so yeh i rather get a talk about drinking and stuff =D maybe i’ll finally get my magarita =P

  3. kohkoh

    hiya! so we didn’t get rankings today. the seniors did instead.
    i’m glad you finally learned your sense of direction! i’m utterly shocked! but good job! ;D now don’t get lost!

  4. smyoGodlubsu

    haha…you make me laugh yan wing!!!! 😀 but i am glad that you’re adjusting well and not horribly and finding your sense of direction, your study habits, your sleeping habits, your reading habits, your shower habits, your aim habits, and your habit of not sleeping between 10 and 2. bwahahaha… :Dhaha..oh no…hope mad isn’t in any of those classes that reference drinking…she might get cravings…haha..jk jkbut yeeeeeeeeeeeahh!!!!! YOU CAN DOOOOOOO ITTTTT!!! go show them that you can master allll! 😀 yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!i just had ice cream 😀

  5. mmm_kohkoh

    “Before you go to bed, give you troubles to God. He will be up all night anyway.” Your pin fell off for a reason. That reason is cuz this is NOT san antonio territory, this is houston territory…rockets must prevail!!

  6. christianMe

    Hey yan wing!!! I haven’t gotten on xanga in 4ever. Just sayin hi. What university r u in? I’m here at utb with like half of my senior class from st joes haha… Not that bad I guess. Well, good luck with ur classes… Bye!-christian e.

  7. crinoidea

    lol, now i’m really commenting, and not just in my mind. I don’t know what was going on, but I distinctly remember writing you something. Maybe someone messed with my hippocampus 😉 So, to restate what I thought I said, you should pace yourself in studying for tests and quizzes in order to reduce stress levels to a minimum. But, knowing you, you probably won’t take my advice 😛 And i’m sad I didn’t get to see you during Labor day; we better keep in touch or else…I’ll kidnap your books forEVER mwahahahaha!!!!


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