ok so. i was gonna put this up like…right before i left. but then i realized my computer had to be packed as well >.< ah i’m so smart…haha
so here goes:



Sigh. I wanted to write an actual meaningful passage, but the only thing I could come up with that sounded even remotely like something I would say came along the lines of:

I’m going to miss the people here SO much, it’ll be worth the sappy teasing I get once this is posted. 🙂

Haha. It’s true. I’m not the sappy type. Or at least, outwardly I’m not…
rawr. I’ve met so many people here…over the span of three years. It feels like I kinda grew up here (well except for those times where people talk about the past in SL and I’m just like…I moved here in 10th grade heh). And… this summer, especially… WOW. I grew closer to a LOT of people (yay!) and got to know a lot more people…like…became acquaintances or friends.

And I’ve been spending so much time with the people around here lately. It’s weird. It’s like I’m trying to make up for the past…17 years of my life with this one summer. And I’m grateful for it, for time, for this seemingly long summer (I can’t really remember life before summer unless I concentrate harddddd).

Thanks for the memories. And good luck at life? Haha. I’m not really going far away or leaving forever, but it kinda seems that way. Because…none of us know what will happen. We’ll make new friends and all… lots of things will change. And this post is just to thank everyone for their part in my life, big or small. It seems cheesy and non-personal, but all those random moments, all the weirdness, all the serious talks, everything… they’ve meant a lot, and they’ve changed me and made me well… me.

I’ll see most of you around… sometime. And thanks… for…. making me feel like I belong, for… making me happy, for… helping me, for… helping each other. I really dunno…but… thanks.


uh. so. when i wrote this (and long after)…i felt sad and all cuz i was leaving…and life would be weird…but now i just feel a little tired…and i’m kinda looking forward to what the future has in store for me… which is good!
so thanks for the prayers – i’m sure this change in thoughts and emotions and stuff is all cuz of God!!


11 thoughts on “

  1. short_shortie

    TT_TT YOU’RE LEAVING! =D…i’m sad and happy..get it? XD… you get to go meet new ppl…that are OLD just like youXD…and lots of new experiences=P…i’m really glad i met you…and…IT DOES FEEL LIKE YOU’RE GOING AWAY FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! I WON’T SEE YOU FOR LIKE…UH…OVER…1000 HOURS! (just a random big numberXD)…that’s such a long time! i already feel weird when i dont’ see you in schoolT.T…i wish i met you sooner…then i could bother you in school like i bother nat and tiffani…but…i guess i have to wait for you to come back to bother youT.T…as i said…THAT’S A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG TIME!…but while waiting…i shall be thinking of you=)…and laughing at you…and dreaming of you…and trying to stalk you…one day you might turn around in austin and see me standing thereXP…that’d be fun! hahahahaahaXD…but…i will not forget you!!!!!! NEVERRRRRRRRRR! UNLESS SOMEONE BRAINWASHES MEEEEE!!!!…and tiffani definitely won’t forget you…cause she can’t get brainwashed…cause..SHE DOESN’T HAVE A BRAAAAIIIIIINNNNNNN!!! HAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHA!…keke…it’s so easy to insult herXD…insults just pop into my head…i shall call them tiffani epihannies!!!! hahahaaXD…this is long=P…well…i just want to say…I LOVE YOU YW AND I WILL NEVER FORGET YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! *HUG* *MWAH* ;Dwhen you come back…be ready for a hug attack! XD it rhymes=)…SHEESh…i’m gonna miss you=)- “little” person-.- XD

  2. kohkoh

    hahahah good luck at life! nice. i’ll see you tomorrow, and forever and ever, so you can’t get rid of me just yet. 😉 have fun in college. i heard you have good class times. =) anyway, catch ya later!

  3. smyoGodlubsu

    aawww…doesnt candy’s comment make u feel all warm and fuzzy inside?!!? haha…but i know what u mean…you really aren’t goingthat far, but it seems like it! i’m sooooo glad we became better friends and i hope we continue that!!!! i will miss u lots and yes….you have to expect a huge hug the next time u come..and then i wont touch u anymore. :p haha…but who knows…one day we’ll all come kidnap u and then crash in ur and mad’s beds. 😀 camp remake. 😀 haha…
    you’re probably traveling right now. I thought about you quite often today and every time i lifted up a little prayer asking God to keep you safe and ready your heart! there’s so much to say, but it’s often quite repetitive….but i guess it means that we all feel so strongly about it! 😛
    i’ll talk to u soon hopefully! 😀 hope u made it okay!!!! 😀 luvies!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ncswim881

    awww…that was so sweet & niceI’ll miss you!!! <3Come visit me at College Station or I’ll try to come up to Austin! (even though we’re rivals now–we should still stay in touch)

  5. tefene

    i tihnk you’re proably at UT now…so hope you’re having fun!! 🙂 thanks for the note! it made me soooo happy that i feel right asleep! hahahaha jk 🙂 but yeah, seriously, thanks alot!! good luck and come home soon! don’t make me have to make you homesick! =P –candace’s comment…. “-_-” !!

  6. aussie_ch1ck

    O.O everyones comments are so longg!! =P well…yeh last i talked to you, you were at UT.well HE-B to be exact…. And yeh i saw alot of change happen this summer.
    Everything seems so weird now with you gone, especially at school and omgsh tomorrow during service..=( i cant believe it though…like you’re REALLY THERE(in UT) ! =/ why dont you transfer to UH XD close to home! haha. =P well hope you have fun and you better not meet Chris Tomlin without me! =D well…anywhoo ttyl.

  7. aussie_ch1ck

    yes my knees XD we werent suppose to for the free fall cause its harder for them to catch u…=/ but its all good they caught me XD sigh add another number to my list XD (hope u get what i mean…)


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