1. could u guys pray for my mom? she hasn’t been feeling quite up to par since sometime last night =
oh and if she doesn’t feel normal by friday…we’re leaving later..either 8/27 or 8/29, i get my numbers mixed up…

2. have fun at the lock in tonight =)
3. most ppl: cya on sunday …oh yeah when’s the game? and do we pay to watch?
4. i finally accomplished what i’ve wanted to do since the beginning of summer (or sometime around there) — been to ppl’s houses and explored a bit  haha
5. don’t worry, i don’t bother ppl who’ve started school =P


6. i’m gonna get the step up dvd when it comes out

PS. i think its kinda good that school starts mon for most ppl (sorry!)…then i can get into some kinda “college mode” and maybe start planning/ordering stuff/packing…else i’m gonna be in much trouble when we have to drive up there and i have nothing at all -_-

[edit] oooh AND i got serenaded! hahaha  my summer’s pretty much complete now

[edit2] uhh. ok. my house is open from now until friday… no invitation necessary (it’d be nice if u called first tho…just in case…)
^ that was mainly aimed at stacy haha


13 thoughts on “

  1. eevonvon

    awww what’s wrong with your mom? =(
    haha, Step Up was pretty good. Today at work, I ended up watching that dance finale more 3 times (while waiting for the movie to end so i can start cleaning)…lol. =P
    omg lil yan wing getting serenaded?? O_O  hehehe…details, more details!!!

  2. smyoGodlubsu

    awww…i’ll be praying for your mommie! did u explore my house?!!? haha….it was pretty amazing eating starch with you today! 😀 ahhhh…now i wanna go see that movie. 😛

  3. aussie_ch1ck

    argh sheesh u made me go out thurs/fri to different activities and stuff….and then now i read ur happy we’re going back to school so u can go back into school mode -_-

  4. kohkoh

    tehehe! i’ll just make a surprise visit without calling. =(thanks for helping me on the questions! i really appreciate it. oh and if you really are THAT bored.. you should go get yourself a copy and read it. it’s not due til wednesday. 😉


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