ah its weird.

today we went out to eat at a japanese restaurant
supposedly for my parents’ 19th anniversary, which was yesterday…
but it felt more like a goodbye dinner for me -_-
and now my mom keeps asking what i want to eat for the next week…
as if i’m a condemned person eating my last meals…
maybe UT will be like a prison?…
but i doubt it =)

newayz. i’m not dying or leaving FOREVER…


to cindy/lindy haha-
safe journey (i keep telling u this =P) and have a GREAT fall semester!
(i only say semester cuz i’ll be seeing u in the winter to tell u to have another great semester…)
u were one of the first ppl i met here, and it’s been a pretty fun 3ish years =)
my mahjong set is always available to you (and your family/friends) heh
and as for being “away” on aim… that’s MY invention =P


7 thoughts on “

  1. cindieee717

    heh thanks for your thoughtful message. i was really glad to know you then. it seems we’re really similar in lots of situations. heh mah jong was fun, thanks for lending that to me…altho there were no rulers lol. keep in touch over aim, xanga, and lots of poking on facebook. find some time to meet you and everyone else during winterbreak!!! hope UT wont be too scary for you ;D. hahah…gosh, can’t being “away” while talking is starting to annoy me. if i figured out how to disable that..i’ll definitely tell you cuz i know you totally can’t live w/o that.
    see you soon!! (yes…a semster will be all over before we realize it)

  2. aussie_ch1ck

    OoOo what jap restaruant did u go to? XD and well be glad ur family wants to spend time with u its not a bad thing and with the meal thing…go to CHEESECAKE FACTORY! you still remember what happened the last time we went XD gosh cant believe it was almost a year ago…=/ time does go by really quickly. well cya tonight =D


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