today..well actually, this evening was pretty busy =)

we got to church about 5:45ish to set up for the china reunion dinner, which was supposed to start at 6…but u know asians … dinner was served at about 7 haha. at about 7:40ish, most of the youth went over to the youth center in phase 2, where post camp rally was held. that was GREAT =) seeing all those people and remembering the times at camp…laughing at lots of stuff (high school musical hahaha)… heh. yeah i think we missed the sharing and powerpoints and certificates for the china missions tho =

newayz. at like 9:40 or w/e we went back to the fellowship hall, got our certificates for teaching  

a cake was wheeled out. and not some ordinary cake (which was what i thought at first). nope. this was more of a wedding cake ^^ made personally by stephanie ng’s mom. it was white with the two people (male and female) in the middle of a heart at the top of the cake haha.
my mom goes (in cantonese) “wow who just got married?”
and then they were like… “this cake is for august 15th… (i think it was uncle sam, steph’s dad) will the lucky couple please claim this prize!”
they were celebrating my parents’ anniversary a few days early
later in the car, driving home, my mom was laughing at my dad…cuz when uncle sam made that remark, my mom like turned to my dad laughing kinda out of embarrassment, and my dad was like “oh who’s getting married on august 15th?” and my mom just stared at him
oh and it was supposed to be numbers inside the heart, for the number of years the couple have been married, but nobody knew for certain how many years my parents have been married (it’s 19, btw)

yup. good day today =)
we took the leftover mango cake home.

the end.


6 thoughts on “

  1. aussie_ch1ck

    haha lets go raid ur fridge now! and wow ur parents are married for 19 yrs?!?! that means next yr its their 20th anniversary! =D i remember back in the days when my parents had their 20th. haha i made them go out on a date! XD anywhoo…yes you did certainly miss something but its ok…XD and gosh after watching the counsellors dance it makes me want to watch highschool musical!!!! >< oh btw STEP UP! XD

  2. smyoGodlubsu

    awwwwwwwww…that’s soo cute! haha..your parents are funny! yeah…20 is the big one! 😛 yeahhh…make them go on a date!!!! haha…and heyyyyyyyy… i didn’t start all that. that was candyland and her kissing! and touching isn’t bad…we just tease u…kehe..

  3. cindieee717

    yeah…im most likely staying at vandy during thanksgiving cuz it’d be two weeks later for winter break. anyway we don’t really celebrate thanksgiving much, might as well save $300 for a round trip. i know…gosh, summer is passing wayy too fast. anyway, i still have your mah jong set…another chance to see you when i return it to you before i leave.

  4. kohkoh

    once again that was too long of a post to read!
    i like mango cake! (like the one at mrs. mei’s)
    um.. i think i’ll leave a long comment since three people above did…
    i guess this is “cheating” since i’m skipping lines.
    oh well. i hope you enjoy it.
    i have yet to finish the autobiography of ben franklin and answer those darn questions. GRRRR……..
    good night!


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